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Atlanta rapper Skinny-C presents the S. Garcia-directed music video for “Buried Treasure”, the BeatGodz-produced single from Never Hungry Always Thirsty Vol. 1, his forthcoming full-length featuring production by Rollee, BeatGodz, Ace King, godBLESSbeatz and guest appearances by Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Alan Z, Ms Green, and Slim Dub. As a result of a series of grassroots performance and fan engagement campaigns through the Southeast, Skinny-C has sold more than 10,000 combined digital and hard copies of his 2010 release Mixtape Muzik Vol. 1: INTREPID and Mixtape Muzik Vol. 2: RHAPSODY. Since then, Skinny-C has performed at the 11th annual June-teenth Festival and the 5th Annual Texas Summer Music Conference. “Like any other city, my home, Lithonia, GA, has its good and bad, but Lithonia’s bad outweighs the good,” says Skinny. “Although some will support what you are aspiring to do, others will try to pull you down and will even go as far as disguising in sheep’s clothing. The video depicts me in a county jail jumpsuit running from the negativity and on my way to pursue my dream.”