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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE; Based on the title 22nd Century, Nodis` debut mixtape, you would get the impression that it was futuristic or outlandish. Well this is somewhat the case. Nodis` first installment, “Yammers”, from the project, did not reference aliens and robots, yet it brought about a generational feel. You will find that almost all of Nodis` tracks capture that feeling, except now it has turned universal. With 22nd Century, Nodis aims to capture the generational uprising that is currently going on right now. 22nd Century includes production by Grammy award-winning producer Blac Elvis, District 9 and Sergio Cortez. The project`s features are still unknown, but we`ve got our fingers crossed for some Braddock Road bangers. And we do believe our wish will be granted. 22nd Century drops 2.22.15. Rise up.