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New Jersey-based rapper Ahmen presents “Headphones”, the Hollywood Legend-produced single from Hero Ball, his debut album featuring production from Taliband, Hollywood Legend, Diamond Style, Trill, Scarecrow and Ear 2 Tha Beat. The son of Sri Lankan immigrants, Ahmen was born in Minneapolis and raised in Queens, Alaska, Atlanta, Washington, and India. Raplyzer.com, a site centered around an algorithmic program that gauges the average length of a rap or hip-hop star’s multi-syllable rhymes (the key to the “dopest flows,” Flocabulary says) has ranked Ahmen #3 in the world, just behind the Wu-Tang Clan’s Inspectah Deck in the top slot. Independent A&R company Taxi featured “Headphones” as a song of the month in January 2015. Regarding Hero Ball, Ahmen says “Music is best when the listener hears their life reflected in it. Today, there’s far too much of the status quo, and not enough of someone stepping up to take a shot with the game on the line. That’s what Hero Ball is about: being daring enough to connect with everyday people in ways that are exciting and maybe even hated. That’s what being a leader in the 4th quarter is all about.” Of the “Headphones” single Ahmen says “Far too often, our potential is limited by society’s pressures: generational poverty, homophobia, racism, conflict, and more. We have the ability to achieve the unthinkable and defy odds, and sometimes it requires escape. ‘Headphones’ represents more than a fashion piece – it’s a method of escape so we can fly away to greater heights.” Hero Ball is out now, and Ahmen is working on a new mixtape set to drop in May.