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Atlanta-based emcee Bambu de Asiatic presents “The Good Life”, his new Croup-produced single featuring Yamin Semali, Supastition and Simms Serenade. “The Good Life” is his first single from Family Matters, his forthcoming album also featuring Cappuccino Meeks and Jon Doe, BLKMjkjr, Ugeorge the Emcee, Sum, DT of The Difference Machine, DJ Pocket, DJ Fudge, Binkis Recs, and Audessey of Sound Sci, as well as Ben Hameen, his crewmate in Collective Efforts, which released four albums in the US and two in Japan (stream “I Get Down” featuring Diamond D, Nicolay and STS9). Bambu’s debut was 2011’s Inspiration EP (stream on Bandcamp here and watch the music video here). Bambu says his new single is about “enjoying the things in life that really matter. I want people to think back to when they were young kids just living life and enjoying the adventure. It was just about being alive and I see that happiness and curiosity in my own kids, which kind of inspired the concept for the song.”