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On “Classical Music”, REL!G!ON reached out to his four favorite emcees – Ras Kass, Planet Asia, Jasiri X and Torae – and created a fictitious rap super group called the “Dangerous Alliance” based on the famous sports entertainment wrestling stable of the same name. “Hearing these four rappers together is a dream. When I was younger I would imagine rap superstar stables, guys that I thought would sound nice together. I do the same thing with wrestlers, it’s very serious for me,” says REL!G!ON. He sent the instrumental first to Ras Kass’ people, then sent that edit to Torae’s people, then Planet Asia jumped on, followed by Jasiri X. The result is “Classical Music”, four of the hardest lyricists over a REL!G!ON beat that he says he uses to secure victory in beat battles. “I would love it if these guys would join together and form a supergroup. I would produce that in a second. They all have their own style but the one thing they have in common is hard ass lyrics! I’m going to try and make that happen”, says REL!G!ON. “Classical Music” (The Dangerous Alliance edit) is featured on REL!G!ON’S soon to be released album called REL!GULOUS through Wandering Worx Music.