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San Francisco deep house producer Disco Mike presents his new EP Esther, out now on Beatport. Apart from Mike’s original version, the EP features a techno remix from DJ Festiva and a nu-disco remix from BPierre. Mike’s most successful track to date is “The Curve” (click to listen) featuring San Francisco vocalist Audio Angel, known for collaborations with Worthy of dirtybird. He released “Vashti” in 2013 on Moonshake Records (click to listen) followed by a remix of Young Galaxy’s “Hard To Tell” (click to listen). Mike says the idea for “Esther” was “put together casually over a few days and then forgotten for more than a year. When revisiting old material, I rediscovered the track and heard the potential it had with new ears. I had just gotten in touch with Chris King (DJ Festiva) a few months before and I really wanted to collaborate with him in some way. I knew that a techno version of ‘Esther’ had the potential to tip the scales and really make the EP a strong one. He signed on and made that happen with the second track that’s featured. At this point I’d been following Bpierre for over a year and always appreciated his style. He was able to come through with Telepop Department and put together an awesome Nu Disco influenced version of ‘Esther’ to close out the EP.” Upcoming releases include a remix for David Eye’s “Can You Feel It”, “Underground Sax” via Fourfifteen Recordings, and “Ambergris” with Saturday Night Sessions.

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