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wearebugginout.com presents Grunckles Gulch, the new collaboration EP between Tucson, Arizona rapper Runt of Jivin Scientists and producer Gunky Knuckles, best known for his work with Sha Stimuli (listen to “Check To Check”). Grunckles Gulch is part of Dy-Ad, wearebugginout.com’s four-part series which will each showcase a different rapper/producer combo. The second Dy-ad EP planned is a collaboration between rapper Jaca Zulu and producer B3NBI. “Grunckles is a combination of our names,” says Runt. “I envisioned a old man miner living in Bisbee, Arizona [where Gunky is from], and The Gulch being a deep V-shaped valley that he protects and lives his lonely life in.”