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Philadelphia audio/visual artist E. Grizzly presents the music video for “NOGAF”, the lead single off Felipe Pupo’s forthcoming EP Orishas. Grizzly began the band as a musical experiment in what he calls ‘afrobeat punk’, releasing the self-titled debut album in 2016 (Bandcamp) which was produced, recorded and mixed by Grizzly and collaborator Scott Labenski, who handles the same duties on Orishas. Grizzly has released five other full-lengths since 2010 ranging from hip-hop to industrial/noise. “The last album was dedicated to Jason Pupo,” says Grizzly. “He was a good friend of mine who passed away. It inspired me to write about ghosts and being haunted by memories. We wanted to keep the spirit theme going with this new EP. Orishas are spirits in the Yoruba and Santeria religions. It’s a part of my family’s history and it’s something I wanted to explore.” Orishas drops April 27 on Grizzly’s A-Ha! imprint in conjunction with U Don’t Deserve This Beautiful Art, who will have an exclusive limited released tape on their website (Bandcamp). Record release parties will be April 27 at Lava Space and April 28th at The Pharmacy in Philadelphia.