Hip Hop Is My Home by Pavyworld

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Southside Chicago native Pavy (Progressive Ambitious Vigorous Youngin’) calls himself The Prophet. “I don’t mean like in a religious way,” he explains. “Every prophecy is not a religious one.” A few thousand downloads after the release of his Jackin’ For Beats Vol. 1 project, Straight Up Hustlin’ Entertainment proudly presents the eleven-song Book Of Pavy, featuring D2G, G.O.D. Jewels and Brian Fresco. “I feel I have a destiny,” says Pavy about the new record, and his self-proclaimed nickname. “I know what it is and I can envision it in the future. Therefore I’m a prophet, and my prophecy is really just my hopes and dreams. When I write I don’t call them rhymes. I call them scriptures, because they’re the ethics and morals that I live by. So The Book Of Pavy is basically my book of hopes and dreams and things that are true to me.”

video: YNotMyDream interviews Pavy