One thing that all people can agree on is the badassness that is Bill Murray. His epicness is universal, so when we started picking a theme for our next show, it really was a no brainer. Who better to focus time and energy on? Plus, the world can always use more art with BM in it. Basically: Everybody wins.

When we announced to our artist friends that this was the direction we were going with the next show, over 40 creative masterminds couldn’t raise their hands high enough to contribute to the project. As a result, the collection will include more than 50 pieces of original art inspired by Bill Fucking Murray.

Featuring art by
Adam Isaac Jackson, Aiyana Udesen, Austen Stanton, Bill Sneed, Brett Manning, Bryce Takara, Candace Jean, Carrie Cottini, Chelsea Manson, Chico Munson, Cody Comrie, CW, Daphne Yap, Dave Frey, David Raa, Evan Rossell, Evan Yarbrough, Emily Wood, Guy Hayden, Heather McMillen, Jared Snow, Jeben Berg, Jess Sluder, Josh Hart, Josh McClure, Kube, Madsteez, Maggie West, Mariah Montgomery, Miguel Cervantes, Michael Piazza Easton, Mike Mcquade, Nil Ultra, Patch Davis, Patrick Hruby, Paul O’Sullivan (Dro), Robert Bowen, Sean P Costello, Skinner, Spencer Tiscareno, Steve Saiz, Tee Collins, Tuna Bora & Wendy Teague

Oh, did we mention there will be an Open Bar sponsored by
We can pretty much guarantee that there couldn’t be a better use of your time that evening. This WILL be a show you will regret missing.

Come celebrate the one and only Mr. William James Murray with us on September 17th from 7-Midnight at R&R Gallery (929 E. 2nd St., Suite 106, Los Angeles 90012). However, in case you get hit by a car and lose control of bodily functions, all is not lost; the show is ongoing (by appointment) September 18-30.

For viewing appointments call 213.626.2261 or email
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