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Spidey Jones “The Face” and Leo Sky are Global Plague, presenting their new single “No Hook”, produced by Leo Sky and mixed and mastered Brandon Lackey from Lineup Room Studios. Based in Florida and Maryland respectively, Spidey and Leo met on Facebook in 2014, and decided to become a duo. When asked about the inspiration for their new single, Spidey says, “While I was writing this I currently was going through some relationship issues with people inside and outside of music. Leo and I came together as a team to show people we aren’t fish and we don’t fall for the same old hook. Let alone nor should anyone else. So slowly, I fuse with Leo to show that we have to grind to get what we want but leave all that other stuff behind. In life people are going to want what you have, people are always going to be negative. Its up to us to get these people off the mainstream hook. It’s GP69 or flatline.” Leo says, “To me, ‘No Hook’ was when I decided to transition from my norm and into mainstream underground. Before ‘No Hook’ and this whole Global Plague EP, I was making emo style rap songs and I even have a song about Krampus which is presented as if I was Krampus. My verse on ‘No Hook’ is all about how people try to snatch your shine and try to force you to help them.”