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Chicago alternative hiphop band House Of Whales presents “Long Distance”, the new single from their self-titled debut album, co-produced by Noam Wallenberg (Mac Miller, I Fight Dragons, Enrique Iglesias) and Zak Fox Jablow (Wu Tang Clan, Chance the Rapper, Asher Roth). Emcee Rico Sisney, bassist Mike Ruby, and drummer Aunnoy Badruzzaman use live instrumentation to craft beats intended to sound as if they were made on a sampler, combining spoken-word lyricism with indie-punk and boombap. Friends and musical collaborators since college, Badruzzaman and Sisney joined forces officially in 2012 to release the Tell No One EP (listen) under their original name Treehouse, winning an Independent Music Award nomination. “‘Long Distance’ is about what it feels like to have your life focused towards something or someone that you don’t see all the time – be it another person, a goal or a higher power,” Rico says. “To do so requires faith, which is often misunderstood by those who don’t share it. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” House Of Whales is out now on iTunes.