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Jamaica native and Arkhouse Music Group head Nomad Carlos presents “Game 6”, his new single produced by and featuring Arkhouse artist Sosa. Born in Miami and raised in Kingston from the age of 5, Carlos has dropped several albums and performed relentlessly in Jamaica, proudly flying the flag for hip-hop in a country dominated by dancehall and reggae, throwing a series of hip-hop showcases known as ‘Pay Attention’ throughout the city. Carlos’ previous albums include Distants and Me Against The Grain (listen on Bandcamp). “Me and Sos were just going through beats as usual,” says Carlos about the new single. “I started writing to one, and next thing you know those verses I wrote ended up sounding better on this soul sample Sos cut up. I asked him to make an appearance as well just to close it off. We called it “Game 6″ because of the basketball references and the way we’re rhyming on it with that sense of urgency, like we came to close the series right now.” Carlos currently resides in New York City.