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Armenian-American, Los Angeles-based producer Bei Ru presents the Postas-directed music video for “Sweet Temptress”, the single from his new instrumental album Saturday Night At The Magic Lamp. Described as the extended score to a movie that doesn’t exist, SNATML blends electronica, Middle Eastern influences, funk and hip-hop, with musicians playing electric bass, electric guitar, electric oud, cello, keyboards and piano on more than half the songs. SNATML is Bei Ru’s followup to his 2010 album Little Armenia (L.A.) (listen on Bandcamp). He recently scored three songs for the upcoming film A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night (watch the trailer), an Iranian vampire western produced by Elijah Wood and distributed by Vice Films. Bei Ru recently traveled to Kuwait where he performed at a Red Bull-sponsored event, the country’s first to feature local and international electronic-based musicians. He also performed in Jordan and Lebanon during this trip. “It was just a matter of finding sounds that struck a chord with me and playing around with them,” say Bei Ru regarding the album. “Some of those melodies were like some ancient-calling type s–t that just resonated with me for some reason, on some in-my-DNA-type s–t. I don’t really know what it was, they just spoke to me.” Saturday Night At The Magic Lamp is available now on iTunes.


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San Bernardino, California rapper Cam Gnarly presents the Ivn MZA/Cam Gnarly-directed music video for “LowPro”, the Troi Breeze-produced new single from Cam’s forthcoming album GOPRO, featuring JaimetheJedi and DCXDCXDC as well as production from Lance Cooper, Cas1, The Billionaires, Gypsy Mamba and Giezi & *Tifase of Foreign Languages. 2012 saw the release of Cam’s debut album Cam Meets World (listen) and he made appearances on 2013’s The €RiLL¥ Album alongside his €RiLL¥ FAM collective (listen). Cam has shared stages with Kendrick Lamar, Dom Kennedy, Curren$y, Casey Veggies, Skeme, Overdoz and Pac Div & many more. “I wrote ‘Low Pro’ to express my desire to no longer be low-profile and progress to a higher plateau a.k.a. ‘go pro’,” Cam explains. “It’s a day in the life; describing the city I’m from to the music I make down to the weed I smoke and who I choose to smoke it with. I’m telling you that this isn’t enough for me though and my mentality is to go further. It turned out being the unintentional anthem of the project, from Low Pro to Go Pro.” GOPRO drops February 28.


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Chicago-bred, Oakland-based rapper F.Stokes presents the music video for “The Slums”, his new single featuring and produced by Man Mantis. “The Slums” appears on Stokes’ new ’80s-themed EP A Princess Named Leroy which features Jeff Kite of Julian Casablancas and The Voidz, Dobie, actress Phyllis Cicero, and Paris-based funk band Super Social Jeez. Stokes slips into the character of his alter-ego Leroy for the EP, which follows Leroy’s dream of becoming a star in Paris as he navigates the south side of Chicago. The “Slums” video was directed by Joshua Scott and shot on VHS. The EP was conceptualized during a series of writing sessions with English rock band Bastille, who he recorded a previous EP with. A Red Bull Sound Select artist (learn more), his previous releases include Death Of A Handsome Bride, Baked Goods, Love Always, Fearless Beauty (listen) and the Liquor Sto Diaries produced by Lazerbeak and Paper Tiger of Doomtree (listen). He has music videos for the singles “Shaka Zulu” (watch), “Let’s Build” (watch), “Diggin In The Crates” (watch) and “Blessings” (watch). F.Stokes has performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, The Essence Festival, the Metropolis Festival in Holland, Voodoo Fest, Be Street Weekend in Paris, the Life Is Beautiful Festival in Vegas. and has toured with Ryan Leslie, Chali Tuna, Doomtree, Hawthorne Headhunters, Arrested Development and Nas. “A Princess Named Leroy was completely inspired by the south side of Chicago during the ’80s, which to me represented the most evolutionary decade of Black America,” says Stokes. “The 17-year-old millionaires who still lived in the projects, the crack babies, House music, the fashion sense of legendary Chicago street figures – which is now prevalent in Don C’s new Air Jordan design – the death of Benji Wilson, the introduction of the Mac 10 machine gun, N.W.A., the love, the unity… Within all of this amplified chaos lies A Princess Named Leroy, the glowy-eyed artist who is dedicated to sharing these stories with the world.”


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California rapper and self-described “performance artist” Monk McNizzle presents the Christian Hernandez-directed music video for “Eat Like A Player”, the Freaq Show-produced single from his new album Monk McNizzle, featuring production from Big Shawn Costello, Conceit, Freaq Show, and Prime Phillips. The video is a montage of footage from his one-week tour of impromptu performances of “Eat Like A Player” in fast-food restaurants and supermarkets across California. McNasty made his name as a battler on the GrindTime circuit (watch Monk McNizzle battle Dizaster) before releasing last year’s Full Metal Rapshet mixtape (stream on Youtube). In 2011 rapper Malkovich featured him alongside Chris Clarke and Sum on “Chuck Davis” (listen) from the Ayatollah Presley mixtape, mixed by DJ House Shoes. In 2012 he dropped the “Dadda Clause” video (watch), then rapped over NYC producer J-Zone’s entire To Love A Hooker mixtape. One other music video has been released from the Monk McNizzle album, “Just Imagine” (watch). Monk says he recorded the song and undertook these performances to “let the public know that they can eat like a f–king boss off of their EBT cards.” | Twitter [@jonathanemile] | Facebook
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Negril, Jamaica/Montreal,Canada rapper/producer Jonathan Emile’s video and song “Heaven Help Dem” featuring Kendrick Lamar was posted on Youtube and Soundcloud on Saturday January 10, 2015 in keeping with an original pre-planned production schedule for a full iTunes release on January 19, 2015. Over the course of the week the video grew to 105,000+ views on YouTube. “On January 18, 2015 a copyright claim was made on YouTube by the IFPI ( and on Soundcloud by Universal Music Group signaling the suspension of the video and audio content,” says Jonathan. “The original video and fan-made videos were removed, but not by us. A slightly altered video has recently been re-posted by us in its place for the time being. We look forward to resolving this claim and not losing sight of the music, and the issues addressed in the song and video: past oppression, police brutality and urban violence. Having a song with such an important message being censored by Universal Music Group and the IFPI at such a crucial time is clearly disappointing. This severely reduced the visibility and accessibility of ‘Heaven Help Dem’. The song was released on iTunes on Martin Luther King Day. We will leave you with this quote: ‘Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter’. – Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.”

Emile was in the hospital fighting cancer when he created his philosophy of “MindPeaceLove”, which he named his independent record label after. He appeared on the Grammy long-list in the ‘Rap Album of The Year’ category and ‘Jazz Album of The Year’ category as a member of the Franco Proietti Morph-Tet. Proietti also performs alto saxophone on “Heaven Help Dem”.


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Emcee Dev3n and producer Arkutec are Kansas City, Missouri duo Dotzilla, presenting the Kendu-directed music video for “Vapors”, the new Domineko-assisted single from their debut album Equality, released today also featuring The Abnorm, Micah Flowers, Keeno, Annie D, Darius and Slayd. Arkutec has produced for French Montana, Fabolous and Chris Webby, and his most recent solo release is The LPF Experiment (listen on Soundcloud). Arkutec met Dev3n on social media in 2010. “I was definitely listening to a lot of older progressive rock when I was making the beats for Equality,” says Arkutec. “Stuff my dad used to play, like Pink Floyd and Yes – also a lot of ELO and Genesis. I was also bumping a lot of Jake One, Dilla, and Madlib beats around the time – so I had to get some heavy drums and live percussions.” Also speaking on the album, Dev3n says “Going in to the project I had nothing. No ideas, no direction and no artists I was listening to that I could reference from. All I had was Arkutec presenting me with a partnership and the opportunity to make something great, which was what I’ve needed since I’ve started this. That alone guided me into my mind to tell my story.”


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Diamond Bar, California rapper Andre Damar presents the EM3-directed music video for his new single “Top Drawer”. The track is produced by Yung Huss, who produced Damar’s previous mixtape VibeZ (listen on Datpiff) and features A.T. The “Top Drawer” clip comes on the heels of his music video for “No Hope” (watch). “‘Top Drawer’ is the name of my upcoming project,” says Andre “The concept behind the single was that a lot can be learn about a person by what they keep in their top drawer. Whether it’s weed, bills, or whatever, you can tell what a person is going through and what type of person you are by what you keep in your top drawer.” | Twitter [@jonathanemile] | Facebook
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Negril, Jamaica/Montreal,Canada rapper/producer/poet/singer/entrepreneur Jonathan Emile presents “Heaven Help Dem”, his self-produced tribute to victims of police brutality and urban violence featuring Kendrick Lamar. Emile was in the hospital fighting cancer when he created his philosophy of “MindPeaceLove”, which he named his record label after. He appeared on the Grammy long-list in the ‘Rap Album of The Year’ category and ‘Jazz Album of The Year’ category as a member of the Franco Proietti Morph-Tet. Proietti also performs alto saxophone on “Heaven Help Dem”. In 2012 Emile released his single “Heroes” (watch the music video), and has collaborated with KRS-One (listen to “What It Is”), Buckshot and Murs. Emile starred in a Broadway production of the musical “Ain’t Misbehavin” in Montréal, and has toured England & Germany performing his Songs of Freedom Tour to students. “‘Heaven Help Dem’ means I hope there is a higher power, or that we can find that higher power within to treat each other better,” explains Emile. “We have to continue to grow respect for each other in our communities while militantly demanding respect from others. Past oppression, urban violence and police brutality are deeply linked – they are painfully inseparable.” Referencing the recent controversy surrounding Kendrick Lamar’s Ferguson comments, Emile says Lamar “is right if you think about his full statement and read more than the headline. How can we love an artist for being complex and true with their words and then hate them for being complex and true in their words? The fact is Kendrick and Azealia are soldiers of the same struggle using different tactics. No matter the color, we all need a seat at the table of humanity.”


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Connecticut rapper and ATM Family lead artist 12 Rounz presents the Eanjay-directed music video for “Shut Up”, the E Class-produced single from The Missing Piece, his new mixtape featuring Mr. Loud and Lou Rock, as well as production from Aviles, E Class and Tracy’s Son. The “Shut Up” clip comes on the heels of the music video for previous single “Rapido” (watch). The son of a Guyanese mother and African-American father. 12Rounz uses the number 12 to represent the age he began his rap career, battle-rapping local rappers on the streets of Hartford. 12 Rounz has several mixtapes under his belt including 2 volumes of The Dutchmaster, Think 12 and Too Big To Fail, all available on his DatPiff page. “‘Shut Up’ was a record where I just needed to vent,” says Rounz. “I had a lot going on personally and I just had to express my frustration through a record. It’s also a song that people can relate to. We all got people around us who talk our ears off about nothing, and this record is for them.”


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Walnut, California rapper David May presents “It’d Never Be Enough”, his new single featuring Fresno rapper Fashawn. The song is produced by Gunnah, who produced the entire of David May’s previous EP VIDEO 94 (listen on Bandcamp). Born to a drug-addicted mother, David lived in foster homes before being adopted by a couple who had previously lost a daughter to leukemia. In 2012 Black Cloud released David’s debut album The Lifestyle Of A Dream Chaser and performed alongside Pac Div, Curren$y and joined The Road To Paid Dues Tour with Murs and Fashawn. Now independent, David presents “It’d Never Be Enough” via his new collective OSA (One Step Ahead). May first met Fashawn on the Deal Or No Deal Tour but the two got closer as co-performers on the 2013 Road To Paid Dues Tour. “One day Fash hits me while he’s in LA,” says David. “I meet up with him and we go to my little lab I have set up at my pad. While we’re chilling we throw on some of Gunnah’s beats, and one beat stuck out to us. We both started coming up with concepts for the song, and then one of us suggested: let’s go back and forth, trade bars, play off each other’s lines. It came out real natural because nobody forced anything. It was just two homies making music.”


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Detroit-bred, Los Angeles-based rapper/songwriter/guitarist/producer Chris Jones a.k.a. Jonezen presents the LiForm Film & Sound-directed video for “Tear The Club Up”, featuring Gucci Mane and fellow Concore Entertainment artist Natalia Damini. Recently the subject of an interview asking “Is Jonezen The Next Eminem?” (read), Jonezen is preparing for the release of Beautiful Disaster, also set to feature appearances from Michele Wylen, Ashleigh Munn, Micki Consiglio, Jordan Michael and Lauren Ashley as well as production from Soundroll-Music, 2DEEP, Runaway Muzic, Adamack, Sinima Beats, Kajmir Beats, Will Shine, Diamond Style Productions and Platinum Sellers Beatz. Videos have already been released for Beautiful Disaster cuts “Bombs Away” (watch), “Peep Game” (watch), “Feels So Good” (watch) and “Do It Myself” (watch). The winner of last year’s Los Angeles Music Awards for Best Hip-Hop Artist, Jonezen has just been nominated for Hip Hop Artist and Solo Performer of the Year for this year’s awards. Jonezen recently signed with Concore/Universal, home to Brazilian singer Natalia Damini, launched his VEVO channel (watch “Dedications” on VEVO), was featured in The Source (read) and made the cover of Ovaground Mogul Magazine (link). “This is an all-round banger,” Jonezen says. “It’s about to be the record that takes me to the next level.”


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West Los Angeles rapper Louis King presents the @generationwest-directed music video for “Flow Like Waterfalls”, the new single from Louis’ new album International Slap, featuring Chali 2na of Jurassic 5, Ray Wright of Warm Brew, Anthony Brewster & Bridget Graham, Camila Recchio, Michael Brewster, and Osiris Booque of Ubiquitous Love Tribe, who guests on “Waterfalls”. The track was produced by Norwegian group Loopholes, and the video was directed by Louis himself, an accomplished director in his own right (see more). The son of Yoruba drummer Ayo Adeyemi (site), Louis is working on HipHop Lives International, a forthcoming series with the goal of giving international artists a platform to share their stories. Louis has penned songs for a number of well-known artists and is part of writing/production crew ZJ30, as well as the leading member of alternative rock/hip-hop/fusion band South Banks, whose “Superwoman” single rode’s Independent Music Charts for eight weeks straight (listen). Louis’ previous solo full-lengths include Ahead of My Time (listen), Running Late (listen) and Checkmate (listen). Louis was on DJ Quik’s Book of David Tour alongside Suga Free, the Generation West Pac 2012 Tour and has performed in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Tokyo. “I paint real life pictures and attempt to express why I am who I am,” Louis says about the single. “My reality was intense from a young age. I went through a lot and I got to see things from an angle many of my peers never checked. Now I must share this information because of the perspective I have.” International Slap is out now on Generation West.