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Cali underground rap legend Murs proudly presents the music video for “316 Ways”, premiering today on MTV to celebrate today’s release of Love & Rockets Volume 1: The Transformation, his new album produced entirely by Ski Beatz, the man behind classic tracks for Jay-Z, Mos Def, Camp Lo and many more. Love & Rockets comes courtesy of BluRoc, the fledgling imprint headed by ex-Roc-A-Fella co-owner Damon Dash, who also counts rappers Tabi Bonney and Da$h, singer McKenzie Eddy and musician Sean O’Connell on his roster. The BluRoc crew is currently on the road for the MTV/Sirius/Adidas-sponsored Hip Hop & Love Tour, on track to hit 50+ cities between September 27 and November 26. Love & Rockets‘ cover art was designed by Dave Barnett, the talent behind covers for Curren$y‘s Pilot Talk series. The album features O.C., Dee1, Tabi Bonney, Ab-Soul and Locksmith, and is available on iTunes, Best Buy and mom ‘n pops worldwide.



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As those who have bumped Phonte and Exile’s contributions already know, DJBooth’s new Event 20/20 series has started out with a bang. Well, today we crank up the volume once again with the premiere of Montage Øne and the Gold Chain Military’s head-nod inducing “Black SpaceShips”. The aforementioned head-nodding beat comes courtesy of producer FredWreck, who wraps an organ line around boom-bap influenced percussion to spark the track. Fanning those flames are Gold Chain Military members TriState and Planet Asia, along with GCM general Montage, who throw lyrical jabs on the mic aimed at knocking out glass jaw emcees. Throw in a well-timed hook from Washeyi and you’ve got a cut destined to make hip-hop heads happy twice over: first when it appears on the DJBooth-hosted Event 20 /20 Music Series and again when it anchors Montage One’s 10.6.3 OGX album, due out in January of 2012. For info on the newly-released 20/20 BAS studio monitors, check out Event Electronics’ official site -and keep it locked to for further entries in the series throughout October and November.

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Last week, and Event Electronics kicked off their 20/20 Series with Phonte‘s “Eternally”. Today, Exile steps into the Booth with entry #2, newly-leaked album cut “Klepto”. A soulfully-produced jam which finds Exile trash-talking his insufficiently dope rivals, the record can be found on new mixtape 4TRK MIND (due out October 4). For info on the newly-released 20/20 BAS studio monitors, check out Event Electronics’ official site—and keep it locked to for further entries in the series throughout October and November.


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From to Lil B, Royce Da 5’9 to King Mez, Phonte is nothing less than a chameleon when it comes to the work (and collaborators) he has amassed over the past few years. While fans of his work, the entirety of Little Brother and music in general have already checked out his brand new Charity Starts At Home solo album, one of its standout tracks, Eternally, is being exclusively released for free download as part of‘s new Event 20/20 Music project. Produced by 9th Wonder, who of course flips a soul sample into a supremely mellow beat, and featuring the always creative Median on the mic alongside Phonte, who’s just as comfortable referencing Pixar as he is ATCQ, Eternally is the first in a series of records commissioned to celebrate the recently re-launched 20/20 BAS studio monitors. Keep an ear out for more exclusive tracks dropping throughout October and November, with our 20/20 compilation album due to blow up your speakers in November. If you’re a fan of dope hip-hop, dope speakers and listening to dope hip-hop on dope speakers, be sure to hit up Event Electronics to learn more about the 20/20s.


view the “Come Together” collection at

Andrew Weiss Gallery online at
179 S. Beverly Dr., Beverly Hills, CA 90212 | 310-246-9333
open Tuesday- Saturday 11am to 5pm
“Come Together” exhibit runs through November 1

RZA‘s canvas sits on the wall facing a display case full of original Picasso plates. Chuck D‘s takes its place beside Salvador Dali‘s celebrated Surrealist Piano scuplture. The Art Of Drums collection occupies the interior wing across from the Marilyn Monroe prints. This is the world-famous Andrew Weiss Gallery in Beverly Hills, home to “Come Together”, a two-month exhibition of the artwork of Los Angeles creativity house SceneFour and its iconic collaborators: RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan, Chuck D of Public Enemy, Bootsy Collins of Bootsy’s Rubber Band, P-Funk and the JBs, Hieroglyphics Crew, DJ Qbert, Shavo Odadjian from System o f a Down, George Lynch, Matt Sorum from Velvet Revolver/Guns N Roses, Frankie “Kash” Waddy from Parliament-Funkadelic, Angelo Moore of Fishbone and Page Hamilton of Helmet. With the help of their legendary friends, SceneFour partners Ravi Dosaj and Cory Danziger are spearheading a new movement in the art world: collaborative art. And based upon the September 14th opening night party, a kick-off to the exhibit which runs until November 1 at Andrew Weiss Gallery in Beverly Hills, the exhibition is set to be a blockbuster.

“Come Together” is unlike anything ever attempted in the art world, as a discerning group of musical icons from rap, hip-hop, rock, heavy metal, and funk worked together over the last several years on their own fine art creation with SceneFour. At the conclusion of each collaboration, the team releases artwork, all numbered and signed by the artist. Andrew Weiss, a legend in the art world for four decades, saw the merit in SceneFour’s collaborative art movement early on. “When Warhol had his factory, people thought it was a joke at the time,” says Weiss. “[The ‘Come Together’ collection] is reminiscent of that. You have the artists, designers and printers all involved in the creation of the art.”

This exhibition marks the first time all of these creations are available to see and purchase in one location. Viewed as a whole, the collection is sprawling, yet unified in tone and vision. RZA, ODB and The Genius reinterpret the American Revolution on Victory Or Death, named “The Greatest Painting Of 2010” by Village Voice. Chuck D stands at the Arizona/Mexico border of an Orwellian America not too far into the future in “By The Time I Got To Arizona”. And the Art Of Drums collection takes a stab into the future of art, using a shortlist of the world’s most acclaimed drummers to literally capture sound on canvas. Opening night’s attendance was unprecedented, with artists like Danger Mouse, David Yow of The Jesus Lizard and Jurassic 5’s Chali 2na present alongside Chuck, Shavo, Q-Bert and the rest of SceneFour’s collaborators.


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DD172/BluRoc label head Damon Dash appears alongside his roster – Tabi Bonney, McKenzie Eddy, Ski Beatz, Da$h and Sean O’Connell – in the fifth installment of the exclusive behind-the-scenes peek at the making of Love & Rockets Vol. 1: The Transformation, Murs‘ new album dropping October 11. The Hip Hop & Love Tour kicks off September 27 in Tempe, AZ featuring Murs and the whole gang, and will make its way around the country before wrapping up in Tucson on November 26. Visit for tour dates and more.


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DD172/BluRoc presents the music video for “Remember 2 Forget”, from Murs‘ forthcoming album Love & Rockets Vol.1: The Transformation, dropping October 11. The song is produced by NY beat legend Ski Beatz, who produced the entire L&R album, and the video is directed by Shruti Parekh. The Hip Hop & Love Tour kicks off September 27 in Tempe, AZ featuring Murs and the rest of the DD172 roster – McKenzie Eddy, Ski Beatz & The Senseis, Da$h, Sean O’Connell and 24 Hr Karate School – and will make its way around the country before wrapping up in Tucson November 26. Visit for tour dates and more.


Toy Art Gallery is proud to present Emilio Garcia’s “Brain Evolution” Jumping Brain Custom Group Show. Emilio’s signature creation has enraptured collectors since it’s debut, and this show truly captures the evolution of the Jumping Brain as it explodes across a huge array of forms and mediums. “Brain Evolution” features exclusively produced 6” resin Jumping Brains customized by a huge selection of artists from around the world.

Participating artists include: Betso, Blobpus, Bob Conge / Plaseebo, Boris Hoppek, Brent Nolasco, Buff Monster, Bwana Spoons, Chor Boogie, Clay Ferguson, Cris Rose, Daniel Goffin, Doktor A, DrilOne, Greg Noppe, Hints and Spices,, Itokin Park, Jan Calleja, Jason Feeny, Jason Limon, Jermaine Rogers, Jon Knox, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Jryu, Keithing, Kenny Wong, Lash, Leecifer, Liz Mcgrath, Luke Chueh, Malota, Mark Dean Veca, Mark Nagata, Motorbot, Naoto Hattori, Nebulon 5, Oliver Winconek, Okedoki, Paul Kaiju, Phu, Raymond Choy, Scott Tolleson, 64 Colors, Skinner, Spencer Ong, Tan-ki, Todd Robertson, Tokyo Plastic, Travis Lampe, Velocitron and Yosuke Ueno.

Come celebrate “Brain Evolution” AND our BRAND-NEW retail showroom (located in the heart of Hollywood, CA) with a special night of fun, friends, and free door prizes! Enter our raffle for a one-of-a-kind giveaway and visit with Emilio Garcia and other attending guests. Marvel at the 36” Toy2R Brain Pattern Qee and make sure to pick up your own 5” DIY vinyl Jumping Brain to continue the evolution. As an extra added bonus, Han Cholo ( will be on hand with their Trunk Show for all of your pop culture-related jewelry and accessory needs!

We will also be host to some amazing exclusives from some of our favorite artists, available first come first served at the grand opening*! You can expect TAG-exclusive editions of your favorite toys from the following artists: Paul Kaiju, Splurrt, Abell, Waotoyz, Velocitron, Cris Rose, and more! Keep an eye out on our blog ( during the next week for full reveals.

“Brain Evolution” and our grand opening event will open on Sept. 16th, 2011 at 7pm and will run til 11pm. There will be a food truck and DJ on hand, as well as complimentary drinks. “Brain Evolution” will run through Oct. 10th.

Toy Art Gallery NEW LOCATION
7571 Melrose Ave.
Hollywood, CA 90046
Hours: 11-8 Sun-Sat
TF: 877-910-TOYS (8697)
Local: 323-653-TOYS (8697)


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Wandering Worx Entertainment proudly presents exclusive live footage from Planet Asia’s recent performance at Garfinkel’s, in the resort town of Whistler, Canada. Over the summer Asia released Each Step Becomes Elevated, a collaboration album with fellow Gold Chain Military member TriState, for free download under the Wandering Worx imprint. Asia has been nominated for a Grammy and won several awards since he started rapping in Fresno, CA in 1992, and has won The Source Magazine’s Independent Album of the Year twice. Wandering Worx is a Canadian label also responsible for releases from Moka Only, Jasiri X, Rel!g!on and more.


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Following up his recent album Airport 5 (watch the video to “Grab Grab Grab”), Canadian emcee/producer Moka Only presents his first free offering to the masses, the 15-track Barbecued Horse Contest Instrumentals. An album with Swiss producer Chief is also in the works, as well as a collaboration album with Bootie Brown of Tha Pharcyde. | Paranoid Castle on Facebook | on Twitter | Factor on Facebook | on Twitter

Kirby Dominant had already lived the stuff of rap fairytales / nightmares by the time his name began ringing bells up and down the West Coast’s ‘90s underground scene. Reared in the same Bay Area circles that produced the Living Legends and Mystik Journeymen who took the independent rap hustle to its bare essentials – a loud mouth, a pair of sturdy legs, and a backpack full of self-produced cassettes – Kirby sealed his worldwide reputation as a freestyle rap prodigy, world-class battle rapper and impossibly prolific studio rat. Champagne Nightmares is his second collaboration with Canadian producer Factor. They call themselves Paranoid Castle, and the name fits the music: hulking, ornate beats atop which Kirby is an elephant on a tightrope, executing a delicate, hour-long balancing act between singing and rapping, pleasure and doubt. Kirby is a grown man with a lot of lives behind him, just trying to figure out how to enjoy this life without hurting anybody, including himself. Champagne Nightmares drops August 30.

“Kirby Dominant has been a longtime friend. He is a great musician. An innovator. Creativity and imagination personified. It’s Zappa meets Prince meets Iceberg Slim on a California street corner. Paranoid Castle is fucking awesome.” -MURS

“My best two Kirby moments – well, three: 1) Seeing him in my Hip-Hop 101 lecture I gave at UC Berkeley 2) Hearing “Niggas & White Girls” for the first time (so dope) 3) Him rocking with me at the NYC Atmosphere show in a wedding outfit – he was some dude’s best man, I think – and just killed it with me like a G! Love Kirb.” -ABSTRACT RUDE

“Whenever Factor and Kirby collide in the studio….they make honest and humorous music of whale-size portions.” -AWOL ONE


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After many months of planning and over a year of work, Guns ‘N Roses/The Cult/Velvet Revolver drummer Matt Sorum today unveils five original art pieces unlike anything any visual artist, let alone any musician, has attempted before. The first five pieces in the “Art Of Drums” collection marks nothing less than the creation of a new visual medium: not oil, not acrylic, but a drummer’s rhythm bottled up through a manipulation of time and light and translated onto canvas as visual art. Created in collaboration with SceneFour, the Los Angeles-based creativity house behind artistic ventures with the RZA, Bootsy Collins and many other luminaries, Sorum’s pieces are the first from what will over the coming months become a series of iconic drummers joining the visual art realm through the harnessing of this groundbreaking approach.

“What we found was, each drummer is a painter,” says SceneFour creative director Cory Danziger about the “Art Of Drums” project, an assertion reflected in the distinct personalities of each of the five pieces in Sorum’s collection. An effect recalling Jesus’ face can be seen in To Sail With Jesus, while a cranial image commands My Skull, My Strength. Heart Of Ghosts conveys a supernatural, ethereal feel. Primal, aquatic imagery appears in Stone Fish. Cleopetria is an astonishing vision of a bat in flight.

Only 100 drafts of Sorum’s series of canvases exist, 20 pieces of each. They range in size from 48″x36″ to 30″x20″, each signed and numbered by Sorum. “Drums” collections are forthcoming from Rick Allen of Def Leppard, Stephen Perkins of Jane’s Addiction, and Frankie “Kash” Waddy of Parliament-Funkadelic.