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Sly & The Family Stone perform “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) [Youtube]
Larry Graham Super Slapping Bass [Youtube]

You may not know the song names. You may not know who made them. But you sure know the songs. Which is to say, you know the bass. Not that everything about the song isn’t phenomenal, because everything is. But the bass is the main course. It’s in your face, it’s all over the place. Just like your favorite singer’s voice, you know there has to be only one person who can make that sound. That person is Larry Graham: producer, singer, songwriter and inventor of ‘slapping’, the technique of aggressively slapping and plucking bass strings with your fingers to create a sound that lends almost as much to a song’s percussive end as its low end. Today the style is so commonplace it’s hard to imagine a time when it was unheard of, but Graham pioneered it. And on July 1, he will teach this technique and much more as part of a similarly pioneering institution known as the Funk University, an online bass guitar academy curated by the one and only Bootsy Collins.

Odds are, the song you’re listening to is “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)” by Sly & The Family Stone, the band Graham changed music with. Or maybe it’s “Sing A Simple Song” or “Dance To The Music” or any of the hits they cranked out in their late-’60s heyday, all of which revolve around Texan-born Graham’s fearless, peerless basswork. In 1973 Graham started his own band, Graham Central Station, whose biggest hit was 1975’s “Your Love”. A constant collaborator and friend of Prince, today you can find Graham jetting around the world with The Purple One, handling bass on his Funk Around The World Tour. Graham also happens to be rapper Drake‘s uncle.

Graham joins an esteemed cast of professors at Funk U, taking his name amongst Les Claypool of Primus, Meshell Ndegeocello, Victor Wooten, John B. Williams, Beyonce bassist Divinity Roxx, Dennis Chambers, Thee Ram Jam, Frankie “Kash” Waddy, Bakithi Kumalo, P-Nut of 311, Blackbyrd McKnight, Public Enemy bassist Brian Hardgroove and Billy Bass. Exercises, lectures and tutorials are conducted on the ‘virtual campus’ at thefunkuniversity.com, boasting a wealth of content to engage beginners, intermediate and advanced players alike. Funk University is produced by SceneFour, the notorious L.A. creativity house responsible for projects with Al Gore’s Current TV, MTV-U, Nine Inch Nails, the RZA, Marilyn Manson, The Pixies, and Beck.

Funk U Year Two has a 1000 student cap on enrollment. Get exclusive updates and enroll at www.thefunkuniversity.com.


learn more about Funk U at thefunkuniversity.com
Stanley Clarke: greatest onstage moments [Youtube]

Stanley Clarke on the Arsenio Hall show with Gregory Hines [Youtube]

HE HAS BEEN CALLED “THE MICHAEL JORDAN OF BASS”. He has invented instruments, scored your favorite movies, won countless awards and made music with everyone from the Rolling Stones to Oprah Winfrey. And on July 1, Grammy award-winning bassist Stanley Clarke will put the sum total of his experience and insight at your fingertips as one of the newest professors weighing on Year Two at the Funk University (thefunkuniversity.com), the trailblazing online bass guitar academy masterminded by funk legend Bootsy Collins.

Born in Philadelphia, Stanley Clarke has been a constant force of nature in American music since the early 1970s, when the success of the jazz-fusion Return To Forever album with Chick Corea gave way to a number of extremely successful solo albums (1976’s School Days is probably his best known), which in turn led to a storied career scoring music for films such as Boyz N The Hood, the Tina Turner biopic What’s Love Got To Do With It, The Five Heartbeats, the Tupac Shakur/Janet Jackson movie Poetic Justice and many more. He is the first bass player to go gold and headline national tours. He helped invent the piccolo bass guitar. He has collaborated with Paul McCartney, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder , Chaka Khan, The Police, Jeff Beck, Herbie Hancock and many more, and has shared the stage with Bob Marley and Miles Davis. He has won two Grammys, most recently this year’s Best Contemporary Jazz Album award for his release under The Stanley Clarke Band. He was Rolling Stone Magazine’s first recipient of the Jazzman Of The Year award, has received awards from Bass Player and Downbeat, and won Playboy Magazine’s Best Bassist award ten years straight.

Clarke is only one of the world-famous bassists personally handpicked by Bootsy Collins to assist with teaching duties at Funk U, joining a list that already includes bass luminaries such as Les Claypool of Primus, Meshell Ndegeocello, Victor Wooten, John B. Williams, Beyonce bassist Divinity Roxx, Dennis Chambers, Thee Ram Jam, Frankie “Kash” Waddy, Bakithi Kumalo, P-Nut of 311, Blackbyrd McKnight, Public Enemy bassist Brian Hardgroove and Billy Bass. Funk U students get access to the ‘virtual campus’ at thefunkuniversity.com, where original lessons and tutorials geared to beginners, intermediate and advanced players along with lectures about the music industry and recording will be available, all on-demand to fit the busiest of schedules. From exercises on slapping from the players who created the technique, all the way to no-holds-barred observations on what it takes to ‘make it’ from the guys who actually did, Funk U compresses decades of experience into hour upon hour of invaluable tutelage. In addition to a wealth of brand new content, students will also have access to all Year One material. By Year Two’s end, a record will be completed featuring axework from Funk U’s sharpest students. Funk University is produced by SceneFour, the notorious L.A. creativity house responsible for projects with Al Gore’s Current TV, MTV-U, Nine Inch Nails, the RZA, Marilyn Manson, The Pixies, and Beck.

Funk U Year Two has a 1000 student cap on enrollment. Get exclusive updates and enroll at www.thefunkuniversity.com.


Friday June 24th, 2011 8p – Midnight

Ongoing from the 27th – July 8th

What? You didn’t know they were best friends?
Honestly, neither did we at first. We recently stumbled across this golden fact, and thought it was so wonderful, we had to pay tribute. Simply put, we are fans.
Come out and see what we’ve baked up this time. We’re pretty high about it. And don’t hate…. In the immortal words of Snoop, “If you got a problem with Willie Nelson, you got a problem with me.”

Group show featuring art by
Austen Stanton • Carly Ealey • Carrie Cottini • Chico Munson • Chris Pastras • cw • Dan Christofferson • Dan Park • Dominic DiSaia • Emily Hart Wood • Erin Wong • Evanimal • Stink • Famous When Dead • Mr Frivolous • Greg Shirilla • HABBENINK • Heather MicMillen • Ian Bragg • Jeben Berg • Jess Sluder • Jesse Williams • Justin Fry • Kat Popovic • Kevin Lewis • Kevin Sukho Lee • Kube • Madsteez • Natsuki Otani • Robert Bowen • Robyn Shinn • Scarecrowoven • Sean Fahlen • Steven Van • Toki • Travis Shinn • Trent Call & wotto

R&R Gallery | Project
929 East 2nd Street Suite 106 Los Angeles CA 90012
213-626-2261 | Hello@therandr.org


Toy Art Gallery is excited to announce the opening of our first Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show! The Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show was created to showcase new and established toy artists who use the versatile medium of resin to create their work. Some are known, some are not, but all bring something new and unique to the toy art world and we’re happy and excited to present their work for the world to see!

Participating artists (with more to come):
Abell | Americo Das Neves | Andrew Stewart | Bob Conge | Butch Adams | Defiance Speed Shop | EBIII | Erik Jacobus | Giant Japanese Monster, Bad! | Gumliens | Imagination Asylum | Isaac Hall | JAY222 | JEM TOY | Keenan Cassidy | KNGL | Makalibuland | Mondocoyote | oOMoSOo | Paul Kaiju | Planet Domu | Prometheum5 | Rampage Toys | Scott Jereme | Splurrt | Suckadelic | Tattoo Royale | Toy Architects | Trenton M. | Velocitron | We Kill You

We’ve selected some fantastic toy art bloggers, experts, and aficionados to be our jurors, including John Stokes (spankystokes.com) Jeremy Brautman (jeremyriad.com) Ayleen Gaspar (toybreak.com) George Gaspar (toybreak.com) and Julie B (prettyinplastic.com). They’ll be awarding some fantastic prizes, so be sure to attend the opening to see the action and meet the artists and judges.

The Toy Art Gallery Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show opens June 10th, 2011 from 7 PM – 11 PM and runs until July 1st.


Wandering Worx Entertainment proudly presents Each Step Becomes Elevated, the new album from General Monks a.k.a. Planet Asia and TriState. Sponsored by Esbe Clothing, the album features Ras Kass, Montage One, Phil Da Agony, Krondon, Killer Ben, Killa Kali, Styliztik Jones and Rogue Venom as well as production from Evidence, Rel!g!on, Josh The Goon, Jansport J, Twizthebeatpro, Lee Bannon, DJ Woool and Asterix. Since starting out as a fledgling MC in LA in the early ’90s, TriState has laid his signature vibrato over beats by DJ Khalil, Thayod Azur and Soul Nana. Asia has been nominated for a Grammy and won several awards since he started rapping in Fresno, CA in 1992. Based out of L.A., he has won The Source Magazine’s Independent Album of the Year twice. Elevated is the newest release from Wandering Worx, the Canadian label responsible for recent releases from Moka Only and DaiN.


Thu Jun-2 Travel to Los Angeles, CA (Press)

Fri Jun-3 Los Angeles, CA Club Nokia

Sat Jun-4 San Francisco, CA The Fillmore

Mon Jun-6 Boulder, CO Boulder Theater

Thu Jun-9 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue

Fri Jun-10 Chicago, IL The Congress Theater

Sat Jun-11 Manchester, TN Bonaroo Music and Arts Festival

Sun Jun-12 Covington, KY (Cincinnati) Benefit – Madison Theater

Wed Jun-15 New Orleans, LA Tipitina’s

Thu Jun-16 Houston, TX Warehouse Live

Fri Jun-17 Dallas, TX Palladium Ballroom

Sun Jun-19 Austin, TX Austin City Limits Live

Wed Jun-22 Ashville, NC The Orange Peel

Thu Jun-23 Annapolis, MD (Baltimore) Ramshead Tavern

Fri Jun-24 Pittsburgh, PA Stage AE – Indoor stage

Sat Jun-25 Glenside, PA (Philadelphia) Keswick Theatre

Sun Jun-26 New York, NY B.B. Kings

Tue Jun-28 Montreal, QC Montreal Jazz Festival

Wed Jun-29 Worcester, MA (Boston) Palladium

Thu Jun-30 Rochester/Buffalo, NY Party in the Park

Sat Jul-2 Toronto, ON Toronto Festival

Tue Jul-5 Ottawa, ON Ottawa Bluesfest 2011

Fri Jul-8 Paris, France La Plage- Open Air Roofed

Sat Jul-9 Vienne, France Jazz A Vienne

Sun Jul-10 Rotterdam NL North Sea Jazz

Mon Jul-11 London, UK Indigo2

Fri Jul-15 Hultsfred, Sweden Hultsfred Festival

Sat Jul-16 Montreux, Switzerland Montreux Jazz Festival


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The Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show is open to any and all artists and toymakers with an original resin toy. All entries will be judged by a prestigious panel of toy art connoisseurs and winners will be awarded fantastic prizes in a variety of categories! No entry fee required, but there are a few caveats to participation.

Requirements for entry:

– Must have examples of previous work (preferably resin)
– Must be original sculptor/creator of entry piece (no platforms/painting existing work)
– Up to three entries/pieces per artist

Final submission deadline is June 3rd, 2011. Please submit all inquiries to info@toyartgallery.com, subject “Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show Submission”.

Panel of Judges include:
John Stokes (spankystokes.com)
Jeremy Brautman (jeremyriad.com)
Ayleen Gaspar (toybreak.com)
George Gaspar (toybreak.com)
Julie B (prettyinplastic.com)

The Open Call Resin Toy Juried Show opens June 10, 2011 and runs until July 1st.

directed by Chris Le | produced by Waes One | single on iTunes | SubstanceAbuseHipHop.com | on Facebook | on Twitter

Eso Tre and Subz are L.A. duo Substance Abuse. The former URB Next 100 picks dropped their debut Brand New Crime in 1998, following up with 2006’s Overproof which featured Motion Man, Saafir and Rasco and received four-star marks from URB and Scratch. “We”re big fans of Tha Alkaholiks and have fond memories of going to the Coast II Coast release party back in the day, so working with Tash was a pretty surreal experience,” says Eso. “We tried to capture a little bit of the vibe from the 21 & Over and Coast II Coast albums with this track but with a more updated feel. We wanted to have a party jam but still keep the lyrical content, and Tash definitely came through in that respect. Tash also was really proactive in coming with ideas for how to flip the video and we appreciate how involved he was in that. We also got to perform with him the night we filmed the final sequence of the vid which was a lot of fun.”

video: Substance Abuse f. Kool Keith, “Night On The Town” (2006)

Substance Abuse ft. MF DOOM, “Profitless Thoughts” (2004)


directed by Thaione Davis
download Da Crack-A-Dawn mixtape | PrimeridianOnline.com | The Primeridian on Twitter | on Facebook | All Natural

See-Me-On and Race are veteran Chicago duo The Primeridian, presenting their Tye Hill-produced single from Da Crack-A-Dawn mixtape in conjunction with All Natural, DJBooth.net, Ruby Hornet, and Jugrnaut. Da Crack-A-Dawn features Buff1, Adad, Black Spade, Pugz Atomz, Rashid Hadee and more. Of “Dro p The Needle”, See-Me-On says “The foundation was the drums: pulsating and hard-hitting.”


Mok Vurban, “Just Smoke & Watch”
Roc Marciano, “MVG”
Beats & Bullets on iTunes
on Twitter
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Beats & Bullets : Soundtrack To A Shootout is a project designed as an instrumental sound score to a shootout cinema/street scene. Features all-star Digi Crates Records producers Kyo Itachi (France), King AL (Sweden), Miedlev (Sweden), Tape Roc (Sweden) and DJ Kryptonite (UK), as well as Roc Marciano of Fat Beats/Decon contributing his production to the project.


The first single from CRY AMERICA, the new album from the West Coast’s best kept secret IamOmni, produced fully by UK trip-hop pioneer TRICKY. Directed by Mark Yamamoto. Omni’s previous albums include collaborations with Fatlip of Tha Pharcyde, Aceyalone and Mikah Nine of Freestyle Fellowship, WildChild of the Lootpack. Their collaboration album is available May 3rd, exclusively at rvca.com.

Says Omni of working with Tricky:


“Working with Tricky has been nothing short of an amazing experience, I worked with him in the past on material and for lightening to strike twice and me being able to do a complete project with him is mindblowing. I am forever in his debt.”


The second video from Murs and Terrace Martin’s collaboration album MELROSE, out today exclusively on iTunes and at mursworld.com.