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Queens, NY emcee J. ManifestO presents the Just Khid-directed music video for “So Live”, his new single featuring Cindy Rose & J Monopoly, from J Manifesto’s new EP Live From The Infinite. “So Live” is produced by Mentplus, whose Stormy Nights EP is currently available on Fat Beats. J released his Living Vicariously Through Memories album in 2013 (listen) and Okayplayer premiered his “Monologue” video in 2014 (watch). J describes “So Live” as “a song about being inspired. It’s about strength that no one sees in you except for you, realizing you have it, and then moving forward with it.”


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White Plains, New York rapper Shorts presents his self-directed music video for “Right Now”, featuring Kayne Precise. Shot by Judlin Civil, “Right Now” is Shorts’ first video since the release of his new EP Long Story Short. Shorts recently released visuals for “Good Space” (watch) and “Money” (watch) as well as freestyles over “Needed Me” (listen) and “100 Racks” (listen). Shorts says “Right Now” is “so me, like as far as everything it represents… I’m a very direct person who loves getting to the point… I tried to convey that visually with inspiration from a childhood classic Menace II Society. From being accompanied by a lovely young lady to reenacting a scene I’ve always wanted to do… I hope yall enjoy it as much as I did creating it!”


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East Point, GA rapper/producer Yamin Semali presents The Saturday/Sunday Remixes, a project in which he remixes the Monday/Friday album he released in 2015 with fellow Atlanta producer Illastrate are Monday/Friday (Monday/Friday on Bandcamp). Videos from the album were released for “Right On” (watch) and “MF” (watch). The remix album was completed following a North America tour with Melaphyre Etheoryall and Boog Brown. Besides his collaborations with Blu, Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound and J-Live, Yamin’s work as one half of Atlanta rap duo Clan Destined garnered them a 5 out of 5 rating from Creative Loafing for their album Self Titled. Yamin made AllHipHop’s Top Indie Artists of 2015 list (read) as well as its 2014 top 50 artists list, and Yamin’s self-titled solo debut album landed on Dart Adam’s Top 50 Albums of 2013 list. “Illastrate really influenced me, first as an emcee,” Yamin says about the project. “Then, after I did a few remixes, he encouraged me to do the entire album. I’m glad I took him up on that. Monday/Friday is my best work so far to me.”


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California emcee Lucid Optics and UK producer Museum are Modern Language, presenting “Madlab”, their new single from An Offer You Can Totally Refuse, their forthcoming album out now. “Madlab” features a guest appearance from Ohio emcee Illogic, who with Lucid Optics forms the duo Lucid Logic (stream “Penciled In” on Soundcloud). Lucid and Museum first met when they performed on the same bill at a show in San Francisco, and have been collaborating digitally ever since, releasing the OK Txt Me EP in 2015 (stream on Bandcamp). Lucid Optics is part of the Iscape collective, and has performed alongside Blueprint, Louis Logic and Milo. “Museum doesn’t know it, but this beat was the greatest twentieth birthday present I could’ve asked for,” says Lucid. “I was in a lot of turmoil in that period and still getting used to all the chaos around me. The main theme is realizing the power and potential human beings have while being surrounded by people who don’t. I also met one of my favorite artists while we were working on this project and we became friends after playing a show at the Honey Hive in San Francisco. I think my verse leaves room and unanswered questions, which isn’t always a bad thing, but Illogic really ties it together with that sort of spoken word piece. I’m super grateful to be working on more music with both of these dudes.”


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Wane Enterprises CEO and New York artist Bruse Wane presents the music video for “Venom”, featuring guest appearances from the late Sean Price as well as Chris Rivers, son of the late Big Pun. The video features DJ Eclipse dropping cuts and a cameo from Illa Ghee. Produced by Kloud Nine Music, “Venom” appears on Bruse’s new album Earl Manigault Of Rap. Bruse also recently released the music video for EMOR singles “Brighter Days” (watch) and “Yuu” (watch). Bruse previously collaborated with the Price (watch the music video for “Beast Inside”) and Keith Murray (listen to “Return Of The Spitters (RMX)” featuring Keith Murray and Fam-Illy). A native of the Bronxdale Houses Projects in the Soundview section of the Bronx, Bruse founded Wane Enterprises in 2001, hosting events featuring Styles P, Papoose, N.O.R.E, Buckshot and Remy Ma. “I just wanted the video to bang like the track,” Bruse says. “When we dropped the audio months back the reaction we got from the fans and critics was dope, so I wanted to make sure the visuals was on point. It was great linking up with Chris, Illa and DJ Eclipse for this one. I really wanted to make sure this got out before the end of the summer, so we could scorch the whole game.”


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East coast LGBT rap collective The AlliYance presents the music video for “Cake”, the new EarthTone-produced single from their forthcoming debut EP Introducing… The AlliYance. Director G. Addison shot two music videos for “Cake”, both of which are included at the Youtube link. Comprised of I.K.P., who recently dropped visuals for “You Know The Drill” (watch), Billy Hood, EarthTone and producer/engineer Swanny River, The AlliYance’s first collaboration was the “I Be On It” single (watch the music video). “Cake” marks the next of a list of various content The AlliYance will drop every Friday through July under the hashtag #JulYance, the first being the “Seltzer Water” single (stream) from the Prequel mixtape which dropped July 1 (stream). “The song is almost like a ‘word game’, like how many different ways can you talk about “cake” in a song? EarthTone had created the track and we all vibed to it instantly. He had the concept and then it kinda became a running inside joke between us so we brought that kind of energy to the record. We wanted people to have just as much with the song as we did making it. All puns intended.”


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Fresh off a run of Jean-Michel Basquiat-inspired mixtapes – New Art, New Money (Bandcamp) and The Radiant Child (Bandcamp) – Yinka Diz returns with his new single “You & Me II”, produced by Kid Soul Brother. The new single will appear on his forthcoming album The Departure, also set to feature production from Yinka as well as France’s David Bocuse (watch the video for “Vegas”), Superville, Beatfanatik and Dae One. “You & Me II” expands on Yinka’s self-described “street cosmopolitan sound”, reflective of his many travels as well as his roots in Nigeria, Southern California, Chicago and the DMV. Regarding the new single Yinka says “Twice as nice as the first. #TDLP coming soon.” Yinka currently resides in Washington, D.C.


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White Plains, New York rapper Shorts presents Long Story Short, his new EP featuring Breeze Mantana and Kayne Precise. The EP comes on the heels of visuals for “Good Space” (watch) and “Money” (watch). “‘Long story short’ is a common phrase used to sum things up or conclude something,” Shorts says about his new project. “It’s a phrase I happen to use often and recently I’ve been reminded by family that I’ve been using it for a while now. I’m a very direct/to the point type of person so the title/ideology of ‘Long Story Short’ coincides well with who I am as an individual. Inspiration for this project all came from real life events… new encounters/breakups/disappointment/daily experiences all played a part during the creative process… as the process took place, it created a brief storyline, hence the title.”


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Brooklyn, New York emcee SupaWave Osbourne presents the midnightpatrolfilm-directed music video for “Left Shoes”, his new single produced by Wale collaborator Best Kept Secret of Flawless Tracks. “Left Shoes” will appear on The Mandela Effect, SupaWave’s forthcoming album dropping in 2017. Representing Brooklyn’s Bushwick and Flatbush sections, SupaWave has collaborated with Vast Aire of Cannibal Ox and Copywrite, and has shared the stage with the likes of MF DOOM, Sean Price and Machine Gun Kelly. Regarding the song, SupaWave says “Growing up I always was into skateboarding and hung out with skateboarders whom anyone who knows them would agree, are relentless pranksters. And, I’m just giving descriptions of my personality by saying that if we were friends I’d be the type to sleep over at your house and wake up, hide all your left shoes on you and then leave before you wake up.”


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White Plains, New York rapper Shorts presents the self-directed music video for “Good Space”, his new single featuring Breeze Mantana set to appear on Shorts’ forthcoming mixtape Long Story Short. Shorts says the new single is about “perspective and controlling your mood. Good energy and good vibes usually puts you in a good space. Be you – they love you!” Shorts also recently released visuals for “Money” (Youtube) also featuring Breeze Mantana as well as Loose. Long Story Short drops July 5th.


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Milwaukee, Wisconsin rapper/singer and Blaqlizt Entertainment artist Kia Rap Princess presents the music video for “I Just Made A Jugg”, her new single produced by Bobby Shmurda/Soulja Boy collaborator Bighead. The video was shot by Ryan Givens along historical Edgewood Avenue in Atlanta, where Kia currently resides. “I Just Made A Jugg” appears on #EVERSINCEthePrequel, her new EP out now (Soundcloud). She also has several videos to her credit including 2013’s “No Limit” (watch all her videos here).


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White Plains, New York rapper Shorts presents the self-directed music video for “Money”, featuring Breeze Mantana and Loose. The track is a freestyle over Dave East’s song of the same name. Born Jaycen Johnson, Shorts is the son of Michael Jackson/Diddy producer Michael “Mike Daddy” Evans. Shorts is prepping for the release of Long Story Short, his forthcoming mixtape featuring Kayne Precise and Breeze Mantana. “As soon as I heard the song I fell in love with the beat,” Shorts says regarding “Money”. “One of those beats that make you wanna write/talk ya s–t lol… not to mention East was goin crayola on that joint so I’m like naa I need parts… the initial vision was to make it a White Plains thing, jusy paying homage to East with hopes of him hearing it to let him know niggas get busy outside of the boroughs too. Told Loose about it then reached out to Breeze to make it a Westchester thing… and the rest is history. You don’t have to live in the city to be considered a New Yorker!” Long Story Short drops July 5th.