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Grand Rapids, Michigan rapper/producer/visual artist Tekh Togo presents “Black Magik”, his self-produced single featuring Nitty Scott MC. Togo is preparing for the release of BlackWater, his album dropping next week featuring Mick Jenkins, Nitty Scott MC and Dougy Lo Hot as well as production from Mistro, Nixon and Seventh of AGO. One BlackWater single has already been released, “End Of The Rainbow” featuring Mick Jenkins (listen), as well as “More Crystals” (listen), and the music video for “Dressed To Kill” (watch). “I was working in the dark when I made this beat and began writing to it,” Tekh says. “I originally was going to make this a title track and call it ‘BlackWater’. I went almost everything black with the wordplay and was painting in the darkness. I thought Black Magik might be a dope name for the song too. I sent it over to Nitty as Black Magik, when she sent back a crazy verse casting spells and whatnot in full ritual mode I knew I had to leave it as Black Magik. I think balances out the song nice.”


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Jamaica native and Arkhouse Music Group head Nomad Carlos presents “Game 6”, his new single produced by and featuring Arkhouse artist Sosa. Born in Miami and raised in Kingston from the age of 5, Carlos has dropped several albums and performed relentlessly in Jamaica, proudly flying the flag for hip-hop in a country dominated by dancehall and reggae, throwing a series of hip-hop showcases known as ‘Pay Attention’ throughout the city. Carlos’ previous albums include Distants and Me Against The Grain (listen on Bandcamp). “Me and Sos were just going through beats as usual,” says Carlos about the new single. “I started writing to one, and next thing you know those verses I wrote ended up sounding better on this soul sample Sos cut up. I asked him to make an appearance as well just to close it off. We called it “Game 6″ because of the basketball references and the way we’re rhyming on it with that sense of urgency, like we came to close the series right now.” Carlos currently resides in New York City.


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Toronto rapper VNCHY presents “Hold Me Down”, his new Bijan Amir-produced single from EMINENT, his forthcoming mixtape which will also feature production from Jordon Manswell and Jason Amos. Noisey premiered another Bijan Amir collaboration”Owens” (read) as well as “Godlevel” (read), and The Source premiered his NEVERLAND EP in 2015 (listen). VNCHY recently made Hip Hop Canada’s “Top 5 Up and Coming” list as well as a mention on Boi-1da’s “Toronto: The Majors, The Minors & The Newcomers” piece. VNCHY is co-founder of creative house and public entertainment firm MVMNT Collective, and throws a series of events through Toronto known as the ‘Get Familiar’ parties. “The world will know peace when love overcomes hate,” says VNCHY about the inspiration for the new single. “However love can get you killed. Makes you feel like the world can never know peace. A beautiful struggle. A struggle that can get heavy – so if I’m going to be with anybody they gotta be able to take the pressure. However those you love are also a weakness. You can never have your weakness exploited – tread cautiously.”


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Atlanta-based emcee Bambu de Asiatic presents “The Good Life”, his new Croup-produced single featuring Yamin Semali, Supastition and Simms Serenade. “The Good Life” is his first single from Family Matters, his forthcoming album also featuring Cappuccino Meeks and Jon Doe, BLKMjkjr, Ugeorge the Emcee, Sum, DT of The Difference Machine, DJ Pocket, DJ Fudge, Binkis Recs, and Audessey of Sound Sci, as well as Ben Hameen, his crewmate in Collective Efforts, which released four albums in the US and two in Japan (stream “I Get Down” featuring Diamond D, Nicolay and STS9). Bambu’s debut was 2011’s Inspiration EP (stream on Bandcamp here and watch the music video here). Bambu says his new single is about “enjoying the things in life that really matter. I want people to think back to when they were young kids just living life and enjoying the adventure. It was just about being alive and I see that happiness and curiosity in my own kids, which kind of inspired the concept for the song.”


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Wane Enterprises CEO and New York artist Bruse Wane presents audio of his recent interview on WNYU Radio with DJ Eclipse on the Halftime Show. Bruse recently dropped Earl Manigault Of Rap featuring the late Sean Price and Big Pun’s son Chris Rivers (listen to “Venom”). The Halftime Show is approaching it’s 18th year of broadcasting and has featured Eminem, 50 Cent, Talib Kweli and more. Bruse recently dropped a video for “Hercules” (watch) and previously collaborated with Price (watch the music video for “Beast Inside”) and Keith Murray (listen to “Return Of The Spitters (RMX)” featuring Keith Murray and Fam-Illy). A native of the Bronxdale Houses Projects in the Soundview section of the Bronx, Bruse founded Wane Enterprises in 2001, hosting events featuring Styles P, Papoose, N.O.R.E, Buckshot and Remy Ma.


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Washington D.C.-bred, California-based rapper/producer Fong-Sai-U presents The Last Ronin, his new album featuring Prodigal Sunn, Coop Deville and Quincy Banks. Fong’s last album was Ballads Of A Massacre, featuring the late Guru of Gang Starr, Dice Raw and Res. Videos have been dropped for BOAM singles “Jack Sparrow” (watch) and “Bad Guy” (watch). An underground hip-hop veteran, Fong has collaborated with Black Thought (click to stream “I Own This Microphone”) who was an early mentor to Fong and took him on tour with The Roots. Fong also produced a song for Guru of Gang Starr on his solo album Bald Head Slick under his 5% name Divine (click to stream “O.G. Talk”). “I had to throw a good body of work together to give out to the masses and that’s how you get this _Last Ronin_ album,” says Fong. “We’re in the era of garbage music – enjoy.”


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Oeaux Neal, Mauley Sincyr, and the Landlord are New Orleans trio MadeGroceries, presenting the Writers Bloc-directed music video for “That Yeah”, their new TRXVISL-produced single featuring singer and fellow Nola native Ambre Perkins, who recently wrapped a tour with Atlantic Records artist Kehlani. Mauley describes MadeGroceries as “the bread ‘n butter of this rap ish. Don’t be afraid to embrace our energy, for it can change your perception of life, no family can survive our modern times without making groceries.” Oeaux says the song “embodies our city’s culture, the youth’s attitude and language.” Landlord calls it “another example of how we are unique but still naturally connected to the community we’re raised in.” MadeGroceries’ debut album is coming soon on Small World International.


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Grand Rapids, Michigan rapper/producer/visual artist Tekh Togo presents the music video for “Dressed To Kill” featuring Joose of AGO, and directed by Tekh Togo, Andy Miller and Ashley Trieu. Togo is preparing for the release of BlackWater, his forthcoming album featuring Mick Jenkins, Nitty Scott MC and Dougy Lo Hot as well as production from Mistro, Nixon and Seventh of AGO. One BlackWater single has already been released, “End Of The Rainbow” featuring Mick Jenkins (listen), as well as “More Crystals” (listen). Joose, I and our fly black ops are on a mission to save humanity from becoming a fashion war of the worlds of dummies (mannequins),” Tekh says about the video. “This leads us into a couple of secluded locations; one in the woods where they find an abandoned hideout that may have once been used to carry out diabolical experiments, the other a modern fashion house used to plan sinister plots.”


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Tempe, Arizona rapper Mouse Powell presents the music video for “Heaven”, directed by Dalton Campbell. The track is produced by The Ref, Mouse’s primary collaborator, who produced the entirety of Mouse’s 2013 album These Are The Good Times (listen). The “Heaven” video comes on the heels of his clip for previous singles “Love Is” (watch) and “King Of My Own Backyard” (watch). The video follows a year for Powell including tours with Rhymesayer’s artists Grieves and Prof. “This is my favorite song I have ever made,” Mouse says. “I think it’s simplicity and honesty are beautiful. We decided that the visuals should reflect that, who I am, and my two greatest influences: live shows and skateboarding. We set out to capture that organic feeling that hooked me years ago, and I think the video really caught that.”


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Houston, Texas rapper Skyler Jones presents “Bout The $”, his new single produced by Adot The God (Bezz Believe, Taylor J). Skyler was formerly in a group called The Classmates with fellow Houston rapper Travis Scott. “My inspiration is my family,” Skyler says. My little 14-year-old sister and my mom. I lean on her, she leans on me. We got each other through anything.”



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Over the last three decades, Chad Smith has become one of the most recognizable figures in rock and rhythm.  As drummer for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he’s sold more than 80 million albums and been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  With super-group Chickenfoot and the Bombastic Meatbats, he’s expanded into a variety of musical genres with an extraordinary assortment of collaborators.  And now Smith – in conjunction with creativity house Scenefour – has debuted his fine art collection PARALLAX, which utilizes sophisticated technology to visually harness Smith’s preternatural drum skills, previously seen only through sound, now rendered gloriously visible.

Smith was born and raised in St. Paul, Minnesota, where he first picked up the drumsticks at the age of seven. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were told that Smith “eats drums for breakfast” shortly before he was tapped as their permanent drummer in 1988. Seven Grammys later, Smith is #10 on Spin’s list of the 100 Greatest Drummers of Alternative Music, and has recorded with Johnny Cash, John Fogerty, The Dixie Chicks, Kid Rock, and Dick Van Dyke, with whom he recorded the 2010 children’s album Rhythm Train, named by MTV as one of the best children’s records of all time.

Completed in Los Angeles in 2015, the Chad Smith’s PARALLAX collection is the latest in the rhythm-on-canvas medium pioneered by art team SceneFour and a select group of the world’s most acclaimed drummers including Mickey Hart (Grateful Dead), Carl Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer), and Rick Allen (Def Leppard). Using lit drumsticks in much the way a painter would brushes, Scenefour’s innovative techniques capture Smith’s strokes as he plays, making for a series of 13 unique, limited-edition canvas pieces, all numbered and individually signed by Smith. A portion of all proceeds will benefit Camp Korey (, a charity for children with serious medical conditions. Visit for exclusive information.


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East Point, GA rapper/producer Yamin Semali and fellow Atlanta producer Illastrate are Monday/Friday, presenting the Dazzell Matthews-directed music video for “Right On”, the new single from their new self-titled album out now on Working Class Music, Yamin’s new imprint which is resposible for releases featuring Boog Brown, 4-Ize, Arablak, Sean Price, and blctxt contxt. The “Right On” clip comes on the heels of the release of their clip for “MF” (watch). Besides his collaborations with Blu, Kurupt of Tha Dogg Pound and J-Live, Yamin’s work as one half of Atlanta rap duo Clan Destined garnered them a 5 out of 5 rating from Creative Loafing for their album Self Titled. AllHipHop named Yamin one of 2014’s top 50 artists, and Yamin’s self-titled solo debut album landed on Dart Adam’s Top 50 Albums of 2013 list. Illastrate has produced for Treach of Naughty By Nature, DoItAll from Lords of the Underground and Boog Brown.”I’ve been targeted since I can remember,” Yamin says about the inspiration for the song. “Being asked by shop owners to produce receipts when leaving stores or having cops ask me what gang I’m in since seven years of age, all while having to watch my back in my own space around people who look like me.”