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Los Angeles’ DJ Scarface presents the self-directed music video for “All Guud”, his new Kajmir Royale-produced single featuring Big Prodeje of South Central Cartel as well as Newark trio 050 Boyz. The song appears on BrickCity2LA, his new EP dropping today also featuring Unique Riley, King Ras Pedro and Gritz. “All Guud” comes on the heels of the video for previous single “Woosh” (watch) and “Queen Like Her” (watch). Deejaying since the early ’90s, DJ Scarface has been making music and releasing mixtapes for the last four years under his Scar/Face Muzik imprint (visit for mixtapes), as well as managing artists like Nigeria’s Henzee and holding a residency at Hollywood’s Key Club.


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J Rawls’ Polar Entertainment imprint presents “Da Call Out”, the new single from Heresy, an all-female group consisting of two-time Grammy nominee Monie Love, North Carolina rapper Carolina Dirty, Columbus OH’s Dominique Larue and MyVerse from Orlando. Produced by Mista Lawnge of Black Sheep, “Da Call Out” will appear on Heresy’s forthcoming self-titled EP. “In a time where many music genres are suffering in an array of areas, my wish was to put together something seldom heard of in organic Hip Hop today, that being a group,” says Monie about the project. “I wanted to further push the envelope with the neglected idea of a FEMALE group. Thus the birth of Heresy.” The Heresy EP drops August 14 on Polar Entertainment (click here to preorder on iTunes).


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Windhoek, Namibia producer Becoming Phill presents “Uncanny”, his new collaborative single with Windhoek emcee Mark Mushiva. Phill has produced tracks for the late PH (stream “Rad” on Soundcloud), as well as homeless traveling rapper Malkovich (watch the music video for “What I Know” featuring Sum), who is currently in Namibia working on a full-length album with Phill. Mushiva is part of Namibian trio Black Vulcanite, who recently won a Namibian Music Award for Best Music Video (watch the music video for “Big Egos”) and released their album Remember The Future (listen on Soundcloud). A joint project between Phill and Mushiva is in the works. | Twitter [@teamskinnyc] | Soundcloud | Instagram
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Atlanta rapper Skinny-C presents Never Thirsty, Always Hungry,his new mixtape featuring production by Rollee, BeatGodz, Ace King, godBLESSbeatz and guest appearances by Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Alan Z, Ms Green, and Slim Dub. As a result of a series of grassroots performance and fan engagement campaigns through the Southeast, Skinny-C has sold more than 10,000 combined digital and hard copies of his 2010 release Mixtape Muzik Vol. 1: INTREPID and Mixtape Muzik Vol. 2: RHAPSODY. Since then, Skinny-C has performed at the 11th annual June-teenth Festival and the 5th Annual Texas Summer Music Conference. “In today’s day and age, thirst is at an all-time high and is rapidly increasing by the minute,” says Skinny. “In contrast, the hunger to reach goals are decreasing due to the attention given to thirst traps, and those who set the traps get high off of the attention resulting in lost of focus. Never Thirsty, Always Hungry was inspired by this theory and brings you back to reality by displaying wit, aggression, progression, versatility and most of all hunger to reach my dream. Don’t settle for mediocrity, stop seeking attention, and keep the drive as if it’s day one and you have not accomplished anything.”


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North Bronx, NYC rapper Zoo Beeze presents the music video for his new single “Lonely”. The video was directed by Zoo Beeze and Doobie Rockz, and the track was produced by Khalil. Beeze’s previous projects include King Nate (listen), Amuse Bouche (listen), the Thomas Holmes EP (listen), and 400:The Mixtape (listen). “This song came from me being in a bad place,” Beeze says. “The music is like therapy so that’s what this was, a therapy session.”


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Chicago producer/emcee Dr. Quinn presents the new self-edited music video for “NVME”, the new Klxck Wxrks-produced single from The Gooch, Quinn’s new EP out now on Reserved Records featuring Jade Ivy and Grace Cornbread BadWolff. Dr Quinn says the video was inspired by “my favorite animes growing up, mixed with dope hip hop, fast-paced action, and a “cult” psychedelic theme. As I was creating the video, I wanted to represent a true juxtaposition between bittersweet sound and violent imagery. This video displays the conscious message of this ‘hating’ generation, or NVME.” | Twitter [@krushedgrapes] | Facebook
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Harlem-based rapper/producer/director and Krushed Grapes Lifestyle owner Cab Cabernet presents the self-directed music video for “Maiden Harlem”, the Roddy Rod-produced single third single from Krushed Grapes: Harlem Vintage, Cab’s forthcoming album featuring guest appearances from VonQwest, Noni Kai, Kat Starr Johnson and Priciliya Marie as well as production from Roddy Rod, RTNC (the producer behind Your Old Droog’s album, J. Bless, Declat, Tigga-Bounce, Frank Lotz and White Indian. The “Maiden Harlem” video comes on the heels of the music video for first single “The Lifestyle” (watch) and followup “Le Connoisseur” (watch). Formerly known as Hanif-Jamiyl of New England group Maspyke (of whom Roddy Rod is also a member, Cabernet performed alongside Mos Def, Q-Tip, Slick Rick and EPMD, co-founded Bukarance Records, and ghostwrote for numerous artists before reinventing himself in 2006, founding a private all-male escort service catering only to female clients and opening a cigar lounge. In 2009 he released the album Krushed Grapes (listen on Soundcloud) and the following year he unveiled Krushed Grapes Footwear, a line of luxury, handmade sneakers. KG Lifestyle also produceds handmade leather accessories including wine carriers, cigar cases, briefcases, wallets and hats, sold and customized at the customer’s request. “‘Maiden Harlem’ is an ode to the most famous neighborhood in the world, Harlem USA,” Cab says. “It’s a trip down memory lane, as well as a celebration of the people, the history, and culture of Harlem. The video was shot on location at Harlem Week and follows me as I walk through various neighborhoods. Peep the conversation with the old man at the end of the video. Classic.” Click here to watch the Cab Cabernet/Krushed Grapes: Harlem Vintage EPK.


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18-year-old New Jersey hiphop/space/experimental producer zayyaf presents The North Star, his new instrumental album featuring collaborations with DIVERSA & VKRVM. “The north star isn’t the brightest star visible on the heavenly screen but it is the one star that is always found in the same exact location, no matter where you are looking from,” zayyaf says. “Many who walked the earth long before us used the north star for direction, because it was something they could always pinpoint in the sea of stars. I created this album while searching for direction and encountered multiple layers of meaning behind the star. I felt as if I wasn’t fulfilling my obligation to reflect the shine the stars had given me. How could I call myself a star child when I never look up; I realized that I needed to find inspiration in the stars. One of the greatest stars of all time in my eyes was 2Pac. 2Pac was a star that is no longer with us but when 2Pac died he became something even greater than a star; a supernova, meaning he will shine upon our world for centuries to come. There were many other stars throughout history that still shine through the heavens upon this world: Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Socrates, Biggie, Buddha, Jesus, Moses, Prophet Muhammad, many ancient kings, pharaohs, people I know. A star is someone you can always look to no matter where you are in life. a true star will never die.”


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Woodbridge, VA rap artist PHZ-Sicks (pronounced ‘physics’) presents the Raw Footage Cinema-directed music video for “The Constant”, the Best Kept Secret-produced song featuring DMV rapper Rob Regal from The Moment, his new album featuring Detroit rapper/singer Scolla, singer Alison Carney and fellow Triple S crew member Seanny Greggs as well as production from Stompboxx Music, Epik the Dawn, Kriss Liss and Kajmir Royale. PHZ has performed at festivals such as NXNE, MadeInTheDMV, 35 Denton, has opened for Wale and J. Cole, and 2DopeBoyz gave The Moment honorable mention for best mixtapes in 2013. The clip for “The Constant” comes on the heels of the videos for previous Moment singles “Black Women” (watch) and “Coming Down” (watch). “‘The Constant’ was written in early 2013 when Stop and Frisk, Sandy Hook and the news story of Henry Louis Gates false arrest for walking into his own home constantly played in my head,” PHZ-Sicks says. “The song became one of my best-known songs once the project dropped and over time took a life of its own when rampant police shootings of unarmed black men constantly occurred. Due to this, I wanted to create a video that showed how power could be misused when given to those that don’t see themselves as part of the community they’ve sworn to protect.”



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South Bronx, New York producer/DJ G-rod presents his new single “Perspective”, featuring Queensbridge emcee Nature, best known for his work alongside Nas and Foxy Brown as part of The Firm, and PB. G-rod first stepped out with “Untouchable”, his collaboration single with Chi-Ali (listen on Soundcloud) who he has known since his days recording with Black Sheep. “I’ve always been a fan of Nature so when the chance came to record with him I immediately jumped at the chance,” G-rod says about the new single. “At the end of the day I just want to leave a mark in the culture & be in conversations among producers I look up to and of course doing what I love.”


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New Jersey rapper Hasan Salaam presents the Bloomberg City Media-directed music video for “#OGJM”, his new Beatnick Dee-produced single from Life In Black & White, Hasan’s Viper Records full-length out now featuring Immortal Technique (watch “Jericho”) Kendal Good, Maya Azucena and Drue Davis as well as production from Snowgoons, DJ Static, Denny Carson, Remot, dj INSITE, Hezekiah, Beatnick Dee, Crossbone T, Southpaw, and Douglas G. Simpson & Kareem Knight of the Aqua League. (click here to watch the video for previous single “Father’s Day”) Hasan has performed live on NBC, Fuse, CSPAN and PBS. All profits from his 2012 EP Music Is My Weapon (listen) were used towards his “It Takes A Village” project which funded a school, clean water well, and medical clinic in Guinea-Bissau, West Africa. A community organizer, he works with troubled youth, and helps run a monthly food and clothing drive in Jersey City, N.J. Hasan has taught “The Socio-Political Importance of Black Music in American Society”, a self-created lecture, at universities across the country. Also a master fetish trainer and sex educator, he speaks at shelters – specifically to abused women – helping them reintroduce sensuality back in their lives. Hasan is a Sexpert blogger for Calexotics, a sexual wellness and novelty website, and recently founded his own erotica/fetish company, Sensual Noire/Jet Setting Jasmine, as well as opening his first fitness studio, Body Altitudes, in Florida. After touring with Brother Ali and Immortal Technique, Hasan Salaam was signed to Viper Records. Life In Black & White is out now on iTunes.


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Austin, Texas rapper/producer Kydd Jones presents “Blink Away”, the Kydd & Keef-produced new single featuring Sean Price from GR33D, Kydd’s forthcoming album. Jones’ 2012 albums The Sounds In My Head 2 (link) featured Yelawolf, Pac Div and Skyzoo, while The Righteous LP featured G.O.O.D. Music affiliate GLC (link). Jones has produced tracks for Kirko Bangz (listen to Progression) and Dee-1 (listen to “Pot Luck”). A five-time SXSW Showcase artist, Jones performed in 2012 at the XXL SXSW Showcase; at A3C 2012 in Atlanta for Red Bull Soundstage; in 2013 at Pop Montreal and FunFunFunFest; in 2014 at the 10th Anniversary A3C Festival and Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival, the A3C Best In Show for NXNE 2014 and opened for Danny Brown for the Red Bull Sound Select in Austin during SXSW 2014. He has toured numerous times, including The Red Bull Skooled Tour, LRG Homegrown Tour, Yelawolf Texas Tour, Big Sean College Tour, Sneaker Pimps Tour, The Return of Screw York City Tour, The Cool Kids Southwest Tour, and The HipHopGods Tour. The Austin-American Statesman said that Jones “exemplifies Austin about as well as anyone out there. His style is laid back but clear-spoken. Funky and fun.” Jones says “I made the ‘Blink Away’ about gun awareness. I wasn’t trying to be political but its something we deal with everyday; good or bad, just don’t be naive. To put it in my point of view: life’s a blink away. I met up with Sean price in NY and he added his own cadence to the song to make it pop to another level also. When I was making the song, I grabbed the sample from another beat I had made four years earlier, and from there I just went to work.”