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Los Angeles producer CUSCINO presents his new single “Set Fire”, out now on Stuttgart, Germany-based label Dirty Cat Records. Accompanying CUSCINO’s progressive-house flavored main version are a techhouse remix by Bosnian house DJ/producer Adis Gile, a deep house take by label owner Dirty Cat, a deep house track by French producer/DJ Hansgod, and an experimental remix by Kabelmann. This single is the first official release following CUSCINO’s debut EP _Eternality_, released on Fashion Sells Musiq (Los Angeles) last year. CUSCINO describes “Set Fire” as “sort of a prelude for my sophomore release, coming this fall on Fashion Sells Musiq (Los Angeles). I wanted to get ‘Set Fire’ out into the world as soon as I was able, as it — and the amazing remixes from the other talented Dirty Cat Records producers — spoke to me as the perfect fit for a big summer release.”