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Milwaukee, Wisconsin rapper/singer and Blaqlizt Entertainment artist Kia Rap Princess presents “Yeen Gotta Get Naked”, her new single produced by USB Cartel. Kia has several mixtapes under her belt including Pure Kia, Heiress To The Throne volumes 1 and 2 and I Am Kia Rap Princess (listen to all her mixtapes here). She also has several videos to her credit including 2013’s “No Limit” (watch all her videos here). Kia describes “Yeen Gotta Get Naked” as “a record that was inspired by the everyday woman who is faced with the pressures of society that they have to bare all to be successful in a male-dominated world. I have been told I would have to ‘soften’ or ‘feminize’ my appearance if I want to appeal to the masses and sell records. This mentality has to change. We have to start appreciating the value of women and appreciate them for their uniqueness and true beauty in general. We need to send a new message to little girls all around the world that it is okay to be who they are (inside and out) and that they can still rise above and achieve great things without having to show their bodies or changing who they truly are inside. #NOLIMIT”