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17-year-old New Jersey rapper/producer mUsa presents “Up”, his new single produced by BLVNT Records artist and fellow Jersey resident deadxbeat. “Up” is from his forthcoming album U Are Now Viewing, a free concept album featuring collaborations with Willdotquest, Senzo, Flaxeed and Genshin. Producer MeloFlamez handled the boards for the entirety of his previous full-length Captain pUrp (listen on DatPiff). mUsa produces under the alias zayyaf, and is also a graphic designer, designing all his own cover art. Regarding the new single, mUsa says “on the surface, it deals with the theme of one working through hardships in order to achieve one’s goal. In the album’s context the meaning changes completely into something much more metaphysical and abstract.” U Are Now Viewing┬ádrops January 2015.