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Atlanta rapper Skinny-C presents Never Thirsty, Always Hungry,his new mixtape featuring production by Rollee, BeatGodz, Ace King, godBLESSbeatz and guest appearances by Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Alan Z, Ms Green, and Slim Dub. As a result of a series of grassroots performance and fan engagement campaigns through the Southeast, Skinny-C has sold more than 10,000 combined digital and hard copies of his 2010 release Mixtape Muzik Vol. 1: INTREPID and Mixtape Muzik Vol. 2: RHAPSODY. Since then, Skinny-C has performed at the 11th annual June-teenth Festival and the 5th Annual Texas Summer Music Conference. “In today’s day and age, thirst is at an all-time high and is rapidly increasing by the minute,” says Skinny. “In contrast, the hunger to reach goals are decreasing due to the attention given to thirst traps, and those who set the traps get high off of the attention resulting in lost of focus. Never Thirsty, Always Hungry was inspired by this theory and brings you back to reality by displaying wit, aggression, progression, versatility and most of all hunger to reach my dream. Don’t settle for mediocrity, stop seeking attention, and keep the drive as if it’s day one and you have not accomplished anything.”