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“This song wrapped up an era for [Eleven, V8, Shortrock and I] as a group,” A.M. Breakups says of “Low Bombing”, the newest single from his abstract-electronic-meets-hiphop full-length offering The Cant Resurrection. “It was recorded in the last hour that V8 had in my hometown of Utica after our New England tour. On tour we recorded a lot of dumb stuff, but when it came down to the wire we knew we had to make something really good. The idea that we ran with was one dealing not exactly with heartbreak, but more like estrangement. for instance, not being sad, but being confused and distracted. And maybe a little delusional.” The Cant Resurrection features Billy Woods of Super Chron Flight Bros, Teddy Faley and more. M Is For Music calls it “…one of the most exciting and interesting hip-hop recordings I have come across in a very long time. I wouldn’t be too far off saying ‘ever’ either.”