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Dominican-blooded Washington Heights, New York City rapper presents the ANS-directed music video for “Everything’s On Me”, the new U-Dub-produced single from Heir To The Throne: Rise Of The Bear King, his forthcoming album. Co-head of label Viva La Resistance along with partner Miguel “Scythe” Francisco, his most recent release is this year’s Back 2 The Basics mixtape (listen), which spawned videos for “5am In The Forest” (watch) and “How You Like That” (watch). “‘Everything’s On Me’ is about taking the movement and carrying it on my back,” Franz says. “I was sick and tired of being surrounded by people who didn’t have knowledge about the music industry telling me what’s right and what’s wrong. It’s basically me telling them to back off and let me take care of my business my way. It’s a new day, the time has come to fill the void and claim the heir to the throne.” Heir To The Throne: Rise Of The Bear King drops December 15.