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Queens, NY emcee J. ManifestO presents the Live Loud-directed music video for “Monologue”, a single from his mixtape J. Manifesto, featuring MC Elijah Black, JohnNY U., Khid 2che, A. Will, Dom O Briggs and Top $ Raz. “‘Monologue’ was inspired by me wanted to leave an imprint,” says J. “I wanted to send a message, to showcase my straight up rapping ability. I know how ‘formatted’ this industry has became where everyone follows the same blueprint as far as structuring songs and reaching specific demographics. So, I wanted to step away from that, at least for a song.” J.’s last album was Vicariously Through Memories (click here to watch the video for “Live, Life & Love It”) He’s currently working on an EP with”Laffayette Stokely and JohnNY U. called New Kingdom.