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His father, tortured for years in a Libyan jail for protesting Moammar Gaddafi’s regime before escaping. A young Khaled, moving year after year with his family across North Africa, Europe and the U.S. to stay one step ahead of the government assassins constantly trailing them. A lifetime spent nurturing his musical talent and rallying in the name of his homeland as part of the N.S.F.L. (the National Front for the Salvation of Libya) and Enough Gaddafi – whose website was just hacked by the Libyan government – waiting patiently for a moment that has now arrived. American-born, Libyan-blooded rapper and political activist Khaled M presents “They Can’t Take Our Freedom”, a collaboration with Iraqi-British rapper Lowkey, a cry for humanity that embodies the struggle not only in Libya, but anywhere one man feels his life is worth more than those of the people he rules. Khaled was named “Lyricist Of The Year” at the Chicago Urban Music Awards, and LowKey was recently named one of the UK’s top ten artists by MTV. “Freedom” is the first single from Khaled’s upcoming release, the FreE.P., also featuring American Idol contender Peter Frank. Portions of the accompanying “Freedom” video are exclusive eyewitness footage from Libyans on the frontlines.

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