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Korean-born, Los Angeles-bred rapper Seouless presents the Pierre Fresh-directed music video for “Xxplosive”, his song over the Dr. Dre classic of the same name. Seouless was featured on All About The Business, the 2009 mixtape from his younger brother Blue Dream (listen on Datpiff). Seouless also has two other videos out now for “Never Wife Em” (watch) and “M.M.M.” (watch), from his forthcoming album No Days Off. “When Chronic 2001┬ácame out, I was a naive seventh-grader who knew nothing about life, but thought I knew better,” says Seouless about the track. “I was on a plane in early 2014, on a flight to the east coast. I had Chronic 2001 playing out of my headphones, and when “Xxplosive” came on, it all hit me. I was reminiscing about my childhood and where I was at that current stage of my life. I wrote the song on my five-and-a-half hour flight, and recorded it as soon as I got back into Los Angeles, which was literally a day later.” Also in the works from Seouless is a KPOP project produced by producer Jimnaze.