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Iowa rapper/producer/turntablist Sotr Caf presents the Nathan Ejuwa-directed music video for “Find Me”, the self-produced single from his newly released EP One More Fall. A quadruple threat, Sotr began his music career as an emcee before expanding to production, turntablism, and even plays harmonica during his live shows. Nathan Ejuwa previous directed Dem Atlas’ “All We Got” video. “‘Find Me’ is about everyone’s search for something or someone,” says Sotr. “That sliver in life where you wander and wonder what is there and when will it find me. The One More Fall EP is the most introspective I’ve ever gotten. It’s filled with snapshots of my life…the grueling truth of life we all experience. It’s the loss of people I miss, the feelings of things I wish for, and everything else that keeps me alone in a room hoping for more.” One More Fall EP is the second installment in a three part series: Step, Fall, and Dead.