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Multi-coastal lyricist Sum – whose Nobody Hole, The Lil Folk and Lone Wolf albums have gained him an international cult following – is leader of The Milky Way, an L.A. based collective that specializes in a sound best described as post-millennial funk. On bass and keys is P.U.D.G.E., the NYC producer/emcee who made his name at L.A.’s Low End Theory weekly, another member of a lineup that comprises college buddies, play cousins, childhood friends and even a married couple. Also on keys is Computer Jay, who first struck out with a contribution on ArtDontSleep‘s From LA With Love compilation, X-Man, X-Ro, Taurus Hamilton, DJ Cee Brown, Vocabutrois & Lil Mis round out this gathering of stars. Here they present the video to the title track of their Black Magic EP. “This song is unique because it’s the first full song we composed from scratch as The Milky Way, two summers ago,” says Sum. “Everything else we’d done up to that was just rehashes of old material. It was the clear winner for our first video, everybody’s involved. We brought along talented family, Chris Clarke kickin in the door for us and Chicago’s own Airon Azure on the chorus. Pure energy.” Director and bandmember, Nzinga Kadalie Kemp says “We wanted it to be simple but we wanted it to rock out — I think we achieved our goal. It’s milky.” The song is a celebration of a newfound Milky Way sound, and the power of attraction.