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Boston rapper TJ Hickey presents the M9Arnold-directed music video for “Stay The Night”, the new single from TJ’s forthcoming EP Happy Hour. “Stay The Night” features a guest verse from West Virginia rapper Huey Mack and is produced by Louis Bell, the man behind records for Tyga, Mike Stud, Slaine, Cody Simpson and more. TJ has opened up for Huey Mack, Mike Stud, Kyle Bent, Cam Meekins, Shwayze and more. “Me and Louis Bell had a 12 hour studio session and made it from scratch,” TJ says of the song. “We wanted to create something fun and uptempo and I told him I had always been a Shwayze fan and wanted to create a sound like that. I wrote the song in about 30 mins. It was a very natural song.” Happy Hour is set to include Kyle Bent and Jdep as well as production from Jon Kilmer, Producerboyz, Vinay and Diamondstyle Productions.