Atlanta-based emcee/producer Yamin Semali of rap duo Clan Destined presents the music video for the Illastrate-produced single “Are You Sure”, also featuring flutist Rasheeda Ali who has collaborated with Darryl Reeves’ Mercury Projectand Stacy Epps among others. Illastrate is an Atlanta-based producer who has worked with Boog Brown, Dynas, Tiye Phoenixand more. “Are You Sure” is Yamin’s second video, preparing for his upcoming fall release Yamin.  Clan Destined’s third LP Self Titledreceived 5 out of 5 stars on (read the review here). “The song sums up the world as seen through one’s eyes, no matter where they pivot,” says Yamin of the “Are You Sure”. “Hence, ‘turn around’ and the 360 degree angle from the camera. ‘No matter where you go, there you are.'”