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Los Angeles rapper Malkovich and NYC producer/rapper P.U.D.G.E. proudly present Lethal Vice, a free three-song EP where the duo invoke the spirit of Lethal Weapon and Miami Vice‘s buddy-cop duos to tell some true L.A. stories. Vice is produced almost completely by P.U.D.G.E., who made his name alongside experimental beatheads like Dibia$e and Samiyam at L.A.’s Low End Theory weekly. Ali Baba Abnormal, Sum and Chris Clarke appear on the posse cut “Flatfoots”. Aaron Godfred (responsible for the 2010 movie Little Blue Pill) directed Vice ‘s ‘multi-music video trailer’, which rolls videos for all three songs into a movie trailer advertising the EP. “P.U.D.G.E. and I lived together in L.A. for a while,” says Malkovich. “Lethal Weapon was in our DVD player a lot and we noticed parallels between Mel and Danny and us. He’s the black guy, I’m the white guy. He’s more laid back, I’m more aggro. And we spent a long time together just trying to get by in L.A.” Malkovich dropped the Ayatollah Presley mixtape last year, hosted by House Shoes and featuring Prince Po of Organized Konfusion, Killer Reese of King Fantastic, IamOmni and many more.