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Toronto rapper VNCHY presents “Hold Me Down”, his new Bijan Amir-produced single from EMINENT, his forthcoming mixtape which will also feature production from Jordon Manswell and Jason Amos. Noisey premiered another Bijan Amir collaboration”Owens” (read) as well as “Godlevel” (read), and The Source premiered his NEVERLAND EP in 2015 (listen). VNCHY recently made Hip Hop Canada’s “Top 5 Up and Coming” list as well as a mention on Boi-1da’s “Toronto: The Majors, The Minors & The Newcomers” piece. VNCHY is co-founder of creative house and public entertainment firm MVMNT Collective, and throws a series of events through Toronto known as the ‘Get Familiar’ parties. “The world will know peace when love overcomes hate,” says VNCHY about the inspiration for the new single. “However love can get you killed. Makes you feel like the world can never know peace. A beautiful struggle. A struggle that can get heavy – so if I’m going to be with anybody they gotta be able to take the pressure. However those you love are also a weakness. You can never have your weakness exploited – tread cautiously.”