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Bay Area, California rapper and Distant Relatives member Vocab Slick presents the music video for “Love And The Breaks”, the new J. Ibarra-produced single from Issues & Episodes, his new album featuring Opio of Souls Of Mischief, Kye The Guy, Martin Luther and Starski. Directed by Casual of Hieroglyphics, this clip comes on the heels of visuals for “Colorful Vocab” (watch), and “Somethin’ Slick” (watch), both from his previous EP Somethin’ Slick. Issues & Episodes is out now on iTunes. “When I sat down to write, the first thing I thought of was writing some type of love song about a girl or whatever,” Vocab says of the new single. “As I started writing I decided to abandoned that, and talk about how I embrace both the love and the hate I receive as an artist, and how using that can strengthen my progression to continue to move forward.” Vocab describes Issues & Episodes as “something that I needed to make for myself. I’ve had a rough couple years and the album is really just me working through my own Issues and flexing a little at the same time.”