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Emcee/producer Yinka Diz presents “Hear Me, Tho”, the first release in his #ATLBound campaign, as he preps for this year’s A3C Music Festival in Atlanta. Tweet @yinkadiz #ATLBound to @a3c to show your support.
Born in Chicago to a mother from the infamous Cabrini Green projects and a Nigerian immigrant father, Yinka spent the early years of his childhood living in and around the city before moving to the Inland Empire, just outside of Los Angeles. A constant world traveler and student of culture, Yinka effectively canvasses his experiences in what he refers to as a ‘street-cosmopolitan’ sound. His music propels the listener into his cosmopolitan frame of mind, full of explosive wordplay and nuanced messages. Yinka’s 2011 mixtape New Art, New Money featured Glasses Malone, Marky (watch the “Wind In My Caesar” video), Nike Nando, Annimeans, and producer/rapper Dae One and singer Kree (watch the “Done It All” video) as well as production from !llmind (watch the “Overnight Scenario” video). He also released the mixtape The Radiant Child in 2013 (listen). “This record is an ode to the underdog,” Yinka says about the new Superville-produced single. “It’s really more of a celebration, letting the world know that we made it here despite the odds. Despite the pressure to switch up or to try to be something you’re not; in an industry full of smoke and mirrors. This is us. No compromise in quality. New Money Music..…and shout out to my brother Lalo, too.” Yinka currently resides in Washington, D.C.